May 20, 2024

Add-on device makes home furnaces cleaner, safer and longer-lasting

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To reveal the success of acidic gasoline reduction in a furnace, the researchers fabricated an AGR catalyst, enclosed it in a metallic housing and mounted the unit on a regular commercially out there significant-efficiency condensing furnace. Final results after a 400-hour trustworthiness and sturdiness test showed the AGR practically fully taken out unsafe emissions from the flue gas and created a nonacidic condensate with a neutral pH degree.

To look at the inner affliction and soot distribution of the post-check AGR without harming the device’s fuel flow-as a result of channels, the experts utilised neutron computed tomography at ORNL’s Substantial Flux Isotope Reactor, or HFIR. Not like X-rays, neutrons can penetrate the metallic housing to file photos that are then applied to produce 2D and 3D representations of the utilized machine.

“Such insights will allow enhanced AGR product styles for a additional uniform and self-cleaning fuel flow pattern,” explained Gao. “This will also enable alleviate too much soot accumulation to enrich AGR-enabled furnace overall performance.”

Soot particles, which commonly variety mainly because of the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons, contain sizeable hydrogen. Neutrons are primarily very good at detecting and mapping hydrogen and other gentle factors.

“Neutron imaging and mapping after the AGR examination provided particulars about how the flue gas flowed by way of the AGR, which disclosed the significant accumulation of soot particles in the center of the catalyst,” mentioned ORNL’s Yuxuan Zhang, a neutron instrument scientist at HFIR.

AGR technological know-how would let furnace suppliers to use supplies that are more reasonably priced than the stainless steels employed in most heat exchangers. This greater affordability could enable furnace suppliers to market extra high-performance furnaces that meet up with California’s proposed new criteria for residential and professional furnace emissions.

“Currently, AGR-enabled furnaces would demand offline regeneration of the gadget about when just about every a few many years below regular use conditions,” Gao explained. “The AGR unit could be taken out by a property owner or technician and carried to a regeneration and recycling site. This would be equivalent to how buyers bring their empty purely natural fuel tanks for their outside grills to a seller to exchange them for complete tanks.”

In 2022, the ORNL AGR technological innovation obtained a coveted R&D 100 award and was selected for targeted investment decision by ORNL’s Engineering Innovation Program.

The study was sponsored by the DOE Setting up Systems Workplace and utilised means at ORNL’s Making Technologies Investigation and Integration Center, HFIR and the Centre for Nanophase Components Sciences, or CNMS.

HFIR and CNMS are DOE Business office of Science person amenities. UT-Battelle manages ORNL for the Department of Energy’s Place of work of Science, the one largest supporter of standard study in the actual physical sciences in the United States. The Business of Science is functioning to handle some of the most pressing problems of our time. For more info, make sure you visit

Source: Oak Ridge Countrywide Laboratory


Source connection Homeowners looking for a way to increase the efficiency of their furnace may be surprised to know that a simple add-on device can make a big difference. The device, known as a “cleaner heater,” works by drawing in outside air and running it through a filter before entering the furnace. This process removes contaminants such as dust, dirt, and other airborne particles that can reduce the efficiency of the furnace, as well as create a health hazard for the family. By keeping the air clean, the cleaner heater can help make a home’s furnace last longer, run more efficiently, and stay safer.

The principle behind the cleaner heater is simple. By circulating clean air through the furnace, it reduces the need for the furnace to work harder, as it won’t have to process as much dirt and other particles. The filter also helps to keep the firebox and ducts cleaner, reducing the frequency with which they need to be maintained. This added boost of clean air can also improve the furnace’s overall efficiency rating, as it won’t need to expend as much energy in order to produce the same amount of heat.

Not only does the cleaner heater make the furnace work better and last longer, but it can also make the home healthier. By removing contaminants from the air, it reduces the risk of health problems associated with breathing in dirt and dust particles. This makes it an ideal choice for homes where allergies or other respiratory issues can be a concern.

Installing a cleaner heater to an existing furnace is a quick and easy process. In many cases, it can be completed in a single day. Homeowners may want to consider the option of having a professional install the device, as they can diagnose any current problems and make sure that the device is properly connected.

Having a cleaner heater is an affordable and effective way to improve the efficiency of any home furnace. By drawing in clean air and helping to keep the furnace clean and running efficiently, it can extend the life of the furnace, decrease energy bills, and keep the air in the home free of harmful contaminants. This add-on device is an excellent choice for any home looking to improve the performance of their furnace and keep their family healthy.