May 20, 2024

Amity Establishes Centre For Translational Research

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The centre aims to deliver qualified manpower by supplying PhD diploma in Biomedical Sciences

Amity University Uttar Pradesh has founded the Amity Centre for Translational Investigate (ACTR) to facilitate medical research for controlling way of life affiliated health conditions. The mission of Amity Centre for Translational Investigation (ACTR) is to discover treatment modalities for community-huge health conditions that are at the moment widespread and expected to rise thanks to transforming way of living, including Latent Tuberculosis, Refractory Most cancers, Continual Inflammatory disorders this kind of as Inflammatory Bowel health conditions, amongst other folks.

The centre also aims to create qualified manpower by offering PhD diploma in Biomedical Sciences for getting up entrepreneur route in Scientific Analysis.


Supply link Amity University, a conglomerate of several educational institutions, has recently established a new research centre for translational research. The Amity Centre for Translational Research, located in Noida, India focuses on advancing medical research and commercialising innovative discoveries from the healthcare sector into products that benefit society.

According to the university, the new centre will be a multi-disciplinary hub for innovative and cutting-edge research and development. This will enable the university to create a real-time platform where research findings can be integrated with clinical expertise, thus accelerating the process of developing safe and effective medicines.

Speaking to the media, Amity Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor Dr Ashok K Chauhan said that the new centre is an advancement of the university’s commitment to healthcare research and innovation. It is an endeavour to provide an integrated platform to glean insights and develop new models that can help in creating better healthcare products, systems and processes.

He further added that the new centre will help to bridge the gap between the research being done in the labs and the application of the findings to the actual conditions. The university believes that this will create more opportunities to translate research into practical applications and services.

The Amity Centre for Translational Research will focus on areas such as biomedical engineering and diagnostics, regenerative medicine and gene therapy, artificial intelligence and machine learning and other forms of advanced technology. This will enable researchers to gain insights into, and develop solutions for various diseases, both in the present and for the future.

The centre will also support continuing medical education and training for healthcare professionals in order to keep them updated with the latest breakthroughs and developments.

The university is confident that the new centre will be a key contributor to the advancement of healthcare, both in India and around the world. It is believed that the new centre will pave the way for more innovative solutions in this sector and will benefit everyone.