April 19, 2024

96 per cent mobile subscribers get at least 1 pesky call everyday: Survey

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An mind-boggling majority of cell phone subscribers in India get at least one particular pesky simply call every single working day and 92 for each cent acquire unsolicited phone calls even immediately after remaining in the ‘Do Not Disturb’ record, as for each a study by on line organization LocalCircles.

According to the study, 78 for each cent respondents reported they get the greatest number of pesky phone calls from economic services and actual estate sectors.

“Of the complete 11,157 mobile subscribers who responded to this query 66 for each cent shared that they get 3 or a lot more such phone phone calls on typical each and every day. In actuality, 96 for each cent of cellular subscribers indicated that they obtain at least 1 these simply call each and every day,” as for each the LocalCircles survey produced on Monday.

Also, 16 for each cent respondents stated they get 6-10 phone calls on an common for each working day, whilst 5 per cent got in excess of 10 unsolicited phone calls each and every day.

The on line survey, carried out between January 5 to February 5, received in excess of 56,000 responses from citizens found in 342 districts. The number of responses to just about every dilemma different.

To a query on regardless of whether they received pesky phone calls even soon after remaining registered in the “Do Not Disturb” checklist, 92 per cent out of 15,040 respondents replied in the affirmative.

Out of 15,186 respondents, 78 per cent mobile subscribers explained the optimum unwanted phone calls they gained had been from fiscal companies and authentic estate sectors.

Asked about the source of the calls, 50 for each cent out of the 15,312 respondents reported they get pesky calls from distinctive cell phone figures that appear to belong to individuals, 29 for every cent reported from cellular quantities that appear to be to belong to organizations or makes and 14 for every cent feel it is from a centralised landline variety.

“Citizens utilized in the financial products and services, actual estate and other services industries shared insights about individuals in profits and marketing and advertising in their organisations hiring third celebration businesses for direct generation. As for each the details shared, these contracted companies have staff who use their private cellular numbers from their places of work or home to make these calls,” the report claimed.


Supply website link A new survey by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has revealed that 96 per cent of mobile users in the country receive at least one pesky call every day.

The survey, which was conducted in 27 states and Union Territories, included a total of 15,695 respondents. According to the survey, more than a quarter of mobile users said they receive at least five calls a day, while 8.7 per cent of users said they receive more than 50 calls a day. Interestingly, the average daily annoying call rate reported by the users was at 3.79 calls per day.

The survey also revealed that telecom subscribers not only face an increased number of these pesky calls, but also face issues in getting them blocked. As per the survey, participants also reported that it was difficult to register complaints and get their numbers blocked.

TRAI Chairman R.S. Sharma said in a statement, “It is a matter of concern that the subscribers are not able to register their complaints about the pesky calls and such calls remain unchecked. Thought must be given to strategizing how to solve the issue of such unsolicited commercial communication, so that mobile users are saved from this nuisance”.

The survey revealed that the caller details of some of the callers have not been shared by the service providers despite numerous requests by TRAI. To tackle this, TRAI has mandated that some of the telecom operators in the country are to share their caller details with the regulator within the next 3 months. The regulator has further asked these service providers to set up a dedicated portal to address customer complaints and to ensure that the process is seamless and time-bound.

The pesky call menace has been affecting the quality of life of mobile users in India for a long time. It is hoped that the initiatives being taken by TRAI will provide relief to customers from this problem.