July 25, 2024

Who are Swing Subs?

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Substitute training is transforming: educational facilities and districts require much more subs than at any time ahead of and substitute instructors are hunting for much more overall flexibility and liberty in their teaching program.

To make sure classroom protection the place and when it’s necessary most, districts are experimenting with new and revolutionary means to find subs and trying to get out partners who can enable.


Source hyperlink Swingsubs (short for Swing Substitutes) are an innovative approach to versatile and affordable freelance substitute teaching. The concept was created by educator and entrepreneur Stuart Phillips, who saw an opportunity to use technology to bring convenience and cost-savings to both schools and substitute teachers.

With Swing Subs, schools can quickly and easily fill their substitute teacher vacancies. The platform connects schools with skilled, vetted, and qualified substitute teachers in the areas of general education, special education, and second language education. Schools benefit from a secure, transparent screening process, as well as low fees and reduced overhead costs.

For substitute teachers, Swing Subs provides a hassle-free way to find short-term opportunities near them, in subjects and age groupings that match their skills and preferences. Subs can easily manage their availability, rates and preferences for different types of work through an intuitive and integrated system. All rates and formulae for substituting are established by schools and verified by the Swing Subs team.

Overall, Swing Subs provides an improved substitute teacher experience by making filling vacancies and finding work easier and simpler. For schools, Swing Subs eliminates the need for middlemen and provides low-cost, quick access to a nationwide pool of qualified substitutes. For subs, the platform gives them more control over their scheduling and availability, and access to a broader range of opportunities.