July 25, 2024

What is a wiki? – TechTarget Definition

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What is a wiki?

A wiki is a world wide web-based mostly collaborative platform that enables end users to shop, produce and modify articles in an arranged manner. The time period arrives from the term wiki wiki, which implies fast in Hawaiian.

What are wikis utilised for?

Wikis are normally applied for expertise management, project collaboration and intranet programs. They are a terrific resource for organizations, groups and people today who have to have to share facts quickly and efficiently.

Wikis present the capacity to url linked pages of facts alongside one another utilizing hyperlinks, which tends to make them great for creating related networks of info. This supplies an uncomplicated way to organize information and facts, creating it less complicated for buyers to access the knowledge they need.

main knowledge management process
Corporations usually use wikis for awareness administration and challenge collaboration, as they allow buyers to share information swiftly and effectively.

Apart from enterprise use, wikis have become well-liked amongst lover communities who produce their have wiki sites to doc their fandoms and share details. This can be witnessed in the rising variety of wiki-centered enthusiast web-sites committed to motion pictures, textbooks, Tv set reveals and stars.

The finest-acknowledged illustration of a wiki website is Wikipedia.

benefits of content collaboration
Popular wiki capabilities, these types of as webpage comments, lookup capabilities and dialogue discussion boards, make them ideal collaborative platforms for lots of businesses.

Widespread wiki capabilities

Some common wiki capabilities consist of web page feedback, look for features and dialogue discussion boards. Additionally, wiki software program offers normally allow file uploading and version management so that buyers can keep track of the development of their assignments.

Do you will need coding expertise to use a wiki?

People do not will need know how to code to use a wiki. Most wiki platforms are built to be effortless to use and need no coding knowledge. They arrive with a array of characteristics, these types of as lookup features, templates and revision management, that make the wiki creation method simple and efficient.

By making use of wiki software, customers can quickly generate new webpages, add photographs and documents, edit information, observe alterations and collaborate with other people. This will make wiki platforms a excellent resource for enterprises and teams to control their electronic understanding methods.


Examples of wiki application

Wikis are continually evolving, and new wiki computer software deals are getting produced all the time. Some common illustrations of wiki computer software are the subsequent:

Each and every wiki system offers distinct features, so it’s critical to select the wiki computer software bundle that finest fits your requirements.

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Source website link Wikis, a type of website that provides open access to collaborative and frequently updated content, have become a popular medium for knowledge sharing and collaboration. But what exactly is a wiki?

The definition of the term ‘wiki’ is taken from the online publisher, TechTarget. According to their definition, “A wiki is a website that allows users to add, modify, and delete content in a collaboration with others. They are designed to make writing, editing and linking of page content easier.”

In other words, a wiki is an open-source website that serves as a platform for collaboration, allowing users to contribute, edit, update and share content about any subject. Wikis have become increasingly popular due to their simplicity and convenience.

Wikis are based upon a series of linked pages, with users able to modify existing content and add content as they go. All changes are kept in a log, which allows users to view and restore previous versions of documents. Additionally, users also have the ability to add comments and discuss changes, fostering collaboration between multiple parties.

Wikis are used in a variety of ways, from providing detailed information about a specific topic, to organizing and sharing large document sets and facilitating group conversations. With multiple access points, wikis can be quickly and easily accessed from any location, allowing for quick and easy collaboration.

In conclusion, a wiki is a useful tool for organizing, updating and sharing knowledge among multiple parties. With multiple access points and an easy-to-use interface, wikis are an invaluable resource for collaboration and knowledge sharing.