July 16, 2024

U Minnesota College of Liberal Arts Partners with Helios Consulting to Offer Rise Apprenticeship Program — Campus Technology

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U Minnesota School of Liberal Arts Associates with Helios Consulting to Supply Rise Apprenticeship Software

The University of Minnesota (UMN)’s School of Liberal Arts (CLA) has declared a partnership with Helios Consulting to present graduates a opportunity to gain human useful resource technologies skills by compensated employment and coaching in its Increase Application, an apprenticeship intended to get ready pupils for a job in the Workday ecosystem.

Helios Consulting is a certified Workday human sources tech computer software services associate. UMN graduates acknowledged as apprentices into the Rise plan are hired and paid out entire time from their first working day as they go by way of a 12-week remote schooling software. They find out from field specialists from among the just about 10,000 businesses that use the Workday application. Included subjects include core HR disciplines, enterprise evaluation, and inside organization consulting and conversation.

Trainees also have access to career alternatives with these firms in the quickly-growing HR tech sector, which is dealing with a key expertise gap. “Because Workday is a no-code platform, the Increase apprenticeship software can present talented and varied CLA graduates who may perhaps not have any track record in HR or engineering with a apparent route to a thriving HR tech profession,” mentioned Helios President Trevor Lee.

College students or modern graduates of UMN CLA who are intrigued can go below to study more about the Increase apprenticeship.

Check out this Helios website page to master extra about the firm. To master far more about the Workday software program, stop by the company’s major page.

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Supply hyperlink The University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts has recently announced that it has partnered with Helios Consulting to offer its new Rise Apprenticeship Program. The program, which was created to provide students with work experience, is an exciting new initiative aimed at further advancing their professional development.

The Rise Apprenticeship Program is a unique approach to helping students gain practical, on-the-job experience while completing their degrees. Through the program, students will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge to actual business settings in order to gain invaluable insight, professional development, and connections.

The program is part of the college’s commitment to providing students with the best possible education, and the partnership with Helios Consulting will allow for a much more targeted and specialized work experience. Helios Consulting is a globally-recognized organization that specializes in providing personalized guidance and resources for clients in the industrial, technology, and renewable energy sectors.

Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in strategic, leadership, and technical capacities. The program will also offer students the chance to gain mentorship and support from the advisers and industry professionals associated with the program.

The partnership between the University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts and Helios Consulting is especially beneficial to students looking to broaden their work experience in a meaningful and impactful way. The Rise Apprenticeship Program will also allow students to develop real-world skills that will be invaluable upon graduation and into their careers.

The program will officially launch for the 2021-22 academic year and is open to any current University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts student. All applications are due by May 1 and more information on the program can be found on the college’s website.