April 19, 2024

The Role of Implanter Pen in BIO-IPT Hair Transplant Procedure

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Tired of dealing with hair loss and looking for a solution that promises natural-looking results without any unfavorable side effects? The BIO IPT (Bio Integrated Direct Implantation Pen Technique) hair transplant could be the solution you have been looking for. BIO IPT provides a variety of benefits that can transform one’s hair restoration experience, with a focus on precision, advanced technology, and an expert surgeon’s touch.

In this blog, we will learn in detail about the benefits offered by the implanter pen in the BIO-IPT technique. To make this post enriching with authentic knowledge, we have gathered insights from Dr. Urvashi Chandra, the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Continue reading to learn about the services offered by implanter pen.


What is the Bio-IPT Technique?

Bio-IPT is an abbreviation for Biological-Implanter Pen Technique. Bio-IPT is the most recent hair transplant technique in India. This method is ideal because it offers numerous advantages and achieves the goal of having an effective and natural-looking hair transplant.  To achieve the goal of hair restoration, the surgeon use an ultra-fine, sharp punch for extraction and a unique IMPLANTER PEN for implantation in this procedure. Furthermore, there are no restrictions with the Bio-IPT technique, and both men and women can have healthy, natural-looking hair transplants.


BIO IPT Implanters offer the following services: 

  • Dense Outcomes Due to High Graft Survival: Because of the extremely high graft survival rate in BIO IPT hair transplants, no grafts are wasted. As a result, every hair implanted will grow and there will not be any graft failure. As implanter pens prevent graft damage in any way and guarantee high survival, they have emerged as the most advanced implantation technique. Furthermore, implanter pens enable precise graft placement. Therefore, grafts can be placed at a higher density per square centimeter.


  • Excellently Natural-looking Outcomes: The effects are natural-looking and seem to be identical to natural hair. Hair grows precisely as it did many years ago in that area.


  • Remarkable Skin Healing: The donor area heals exceptionally fast. There are not many pits, bumps, scars, marks, or other indications of a hair transplant. To put it briefly, the state-of-the-art BIO IPT procedure provides the desired natural result while doing away with the drawbacks of the standard FUE procedure. 



For those looking for results that are dense, scar-free, and natural-looking, the BIO IPT hair transplant procedure is a great option because of its many advantages. The success and satisfaction of the patient are largely dependent on the exacting attention to detail in graft placement, the use of cutting-edge technology and ultrafine instruments, and the expertise of a qualified surgeon. BIO IPT is a major advancement in the field of hair restoration because it minimizes downtime and prioritizes safety. To learn more about the procedure or about the hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi, one can visit Chandra Clinic. Dr. Urvashi Chandra, a highly esteemed hair transplant surgeon and the founder of this advanced hair clinic, uses her signature BIO IPT technique at this renowned hair clinic to give the best results to her patients. To avail of the benefits, visit Chandra Hair Transplant Clinic now!