July 25, 2024

The reality is that my basic love, all the way through, was the music.

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Burt Bacharach,
composer, songwriter, document producer, pianist

Burt Bacharach,
composer, songwriter, record producer, pianist

The truth is that my basic appreciate, all the way by, was the tunes.

Burt Bacharach,
composer, songwriter, file producer, pianist

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Supply backlink Few processes rival that of making music. As for what drives us to create, the longing for something larger than ourselves often awakens us to the potential of exploring our imaginative capacities or finding a voice in which to express ourselves.

For others, their love for music surpasses all else. Playing live, composing and performing are all things they have become passionate about, with the latter having a profound influence on their personal emotions and worldview.

The reality is that my basic love, all the way through, was the music. I remember being obsessed with the microphone – thinking of different ways to use it in my recording and production, not only as a musical instrument but also a tool of communication. At this point, I embraced the idea of crafting stories through sound and the escapism that I could facilitate with the music.

The music came in all forms, from jazz to synth and baseline, rock to electronic and everything in between. I began to take in music from all around me, allowing for the combination and fusion of sounds in my tunes, yet I also valued the purity of a single voice in simple folk music.

The journey, for me, has been about finding beauty in music and making something of it. It has meant joining two distinct worlds – one of melody and another of technology. By using synths and other tools, a piece can come alive, experiencing a world of sound and rhythm which is both mesmerizing and deeply satisfying.

At the same time, this pursuit has taken on a spiritual aspect, with music becoming essential to my ongoing growth and understanding of the world around me. It has taught me to be in the moment and appreciate everything that I have.

In the end, I wouldn’t say that my love for music has changed over the years. Sure, my influences and perspective may have broadened but regardless, I will bear its goodwill for days, weeks and months to come.