April 16, 2024

That’s the thing that’s worth playing. Bringing the message.

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Judd Hirsch,

Judd Hirsch,

That is the factor that’s really worth actively playing. Bringing the concept.

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Source connection The value of any experience can be judged subjectively by the individual that participates in it. The experience of ‘play’ is an activity that can bring a variety of rewards to those that engage in it. Playing, whatever the game, has an innate impact on the individual and the players connected to the game. What may be seen as a frivolous pastime to some, carries with it the potential of immense and enriching lessons, once laid out to explore.

At the heart of any game is the idea of sharing a central experience. What one person learns, another will likely understand. This concept of connectedness gives us the opportunity to share more than a game, but also to explore ideas and express our individual perspective. So in playing a game, what may just be seen as a few minutes of social activity, could be the very activity that extends meaningful connections and bring about mutual understanding.

The experience of a shared game is about more than just competition and socializing; it’s about bringing the message. It’s about connecting with those around us and learning from the discussion and the differences. Whether it be winners and losers, or ideas shared on the different strategies utilized during the game, it’s an experience of inclusiveness.

Through the act of playing, individuals can open up and learn to trust and understand one another. Players are given the opportunity to share, discuss and grow as individuals and as a team. This can, in turn, develop deeper connections that may have not technically been possible in any other capacity.

When any game is eventually turned off, the valuable experiences gained remain. This concept is particularly important when looking at those activities that are seen as frivolous fun. For these games often hold within them the message of unity and togetherness, something that can positively reshape our lives and decisions.

At the end of the day, a game is just a game, but the playing of it can change the message and shape the conversations we have. Thus, it is this message that makes playing something worth engaging in; the message that can be learned and connected with, no matter the type of game being played.