March 5, 2024

Solis Uses High-End Technology To Match the Demands of Future Farming

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As the world progresses, every industry needs to design something and come up with distinctive that will drive it forward toward the top. The rapid advancement of technology has influenced every sector as well as every industry that contributes to sustainable global development. In doing so, it has incorporated various changes that would make things easier for the benefit of the people. Being one of the core industries, the agricultural machinery companies are working towards improving the current scenario of agriculture.

They are looking for ways to promote advanced techniques to keep up with the norm. With farm mechanisation at an all-time high, the agricultural sector has come up with various advancements that have decreased the job strain for farmers. Many jobs that were once done by hand are now being conducted with the help of machines.

The invention of the tractor led to the start of the mechanized agrarian era of agriculture and now, farmers have got the power to do something as mundane as changing soil to transport heavier loads and deliver crops in ways they could have never imagined with animals.

Today, the tractor’s widespread use has such a profound impact that it is well regarded as the backbone of contemporary farming.

Apart from bringing the well-known benefits of the technology, machines improve life drastically if used for sustainable progress. Tractors indeed save the user a lot of time and minimize the manual efforts. Now, buying affordable tractors is a very tempting proposition, but one must never hurry up making impulsive decisions. Selecting the right mini tractor for sale to be used at the farm is one of the most important decisions one makes. Following are some of the aspects one must keep in mind before buying a tractor. Tractors have different usage like Compact Utility, Backhoe Loader, Garden Tractor, and Utility Tractors.

With the green revolution and increasing production happening worldwide, International Tractors Limited grabbed the chance to start their own farm equipment manufacturing company and manufacture solis 16 tractor which have now set a benchmark of performance worldwide.

ITL’s Solis is well-known for its huge variety of toughest tractors, as well as their sturdy body and powerful performance. It has a strong foothold in over 140+ countries that effortlessly serves the interests of farmers. With more than 1,300,000 happy and satisfied customers globally. Currently, Solis is the world’s top 5th tractor manufacturer company, offering a wide range of 18-120 HP range of tractors while setting new benchmarks in the tractor industry through powerful competence and advanced technologies.




Solis offers a wide variety of tyres with different models. Most of the Solis tractor can be fitted with any tyre as Solis offers a multi tyre option to choose the right one for you. Still, it’s important to consider the overall property condition and the type of attachments you will use before making any purchases. So, below are the features and quality of Solis tractor tyres.


Agri Tyres – Agri tyres are best suited for situations where grip and traction are more important, such as wet soil conditions, which can be used in paddy fields or wooded areas. Compared to turf and HDI tyres, they have an open treat with more void.


Turf tyres – Turf tyres have a small diamond pattern with a shallow button style tread. Best suited for the protection of grass lawns, playgrounds and golf courses. These tyres are ideal for applications where they can operate without causing any damage to the ground.


GP Tyres – These are the tyres especially used for orchids, vineyards and gardening, thus best suited with the Narrow tractor series. The Galaxy Garden Pro tyre has low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy and is available in the Narrow tractor series.


HDI Tyres  –These tyres have wider lugs than Agri tyres and shallower voids to avoid disturbance in dry soil conditions. Their unique build results in a greater load-bearing surface than the Agri tyres and more grip than the turf tyres. These tyres are the best option to go, which offers more grip and less ground disturbance as well. Resulting in one of the most popular choices for Solis compact tractors.

Solis currently has its global presence in more than 140+ countries, the unwavering commitment towards producing the best agrarian solution has enabled Solis to achieve this milestone. Solis offers a wide range of products that suit every farming task. It has made proper use of new-age technology by keeping in mind each and every aspect of farming. Solis tractors are highly versatile, and each one of them is made to trounce any toughest challenge. Solis as a tractor Brand looks to solve major problems faced during farming and notices every minor complication faced by a farmer.

The advanced ergonomics of Solis tractor help to deliver powerful performance regardless of any terrain. They are being engineered to handle work in any type of weather condition without any hindrance and in any kind of terrain. Solis uses high-end technology to match the demands of future farming and is helping farmers effortlessly perform complicated tasks with utmost ease. Over time Solis has come up with some exciting features that helped farmers in numerous ways, be it any task related to farming – ploughing, tilling, irrigating, sowing, or industrial tasks such as lifting, pulling, snow blowing. Solis has the solution for your every need. Sometimes keeping up with your personal yard routine becomes quite a complex problem, but Solis also introduced its unique series of tractors built to work in narrow fields and private yards.