July 25, 2024

Sai International School Hosts Global Debate Competition

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This debating forum laid concentration on fostering awareness and permitted in-depth conversations on Political Border Safety & SDG Knowledgeable Universities, Curriculums as the broader themes

SAI Intercontinental School, a CBSE board college in the state hosted the 3rd edition of the SAI World Discussion on Saturday, 28 January 2023 to engage young learners in instilling the 21st century abilities of important thinking, conversation and collaboration. This mega on the internet discussion competition received participation from above 45 educational facilities and 8 international locations across the globe these kinds of as Dubai, South Africa, Morocco, Ghana, Namibia, Oman (Muscat), Pakistan & India – with 3 faculties just about every from Dubai & Pakistan 2 faculties from South Africa, over 26 faculties from India and a single school each individual from Morocco, Namibia, Ghana & Muscat.

This debating discussion board laid concentrate on fostering awareness and authorized in-depth conversations on Political Border Stability & SDG Conscious Colleges,  Curriculums as the broader themes adopted this year. The opening ceremony was graced by Keynote Speaker Paul Ellis, Head of Instructing & Understanding, Cambridge Evaluation International Instruction and Dr Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI Global Instruction Group, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Essential thinkers and orators from countrywide & worldwide faculties across the environment, engaged in rounds of deliberations under 3 debating formats, namely Argumentative, Turncoat and Extempore in 6 breakout rooms concurrently. They have been judged on articles, accuracy, clarity, entire body language, expression and numerous much more.


Supply hyperlink On the 6th of August, Sai International School (SIS), in Bhubaneswar, India, hosted its first international debate competition. As the first of its kind in the city, the competition aimed at creating an opportunity for young minds to discuss key global issues and explore various perspectives, while educating and inspiring the audience.

The competition was open to all secondary school students across the country, with the five finalists being selected after a preliminary round of competition. During the final round of the debate, three topics – nuclear disarmament, effects of globalisation, and gender disparity – were discussed among the five finalists. The finalists were eager to share their knowledge and insights on the chosen topics, and the audience was informed and inspired by their individual approaches to these sensitive yet pressing matters.

The judges, who were renowned speech and communication experts, were overwhelmingly impressed by the level of research and understanding the participants had put into their arguments. After careful consideration, Raghav Meheta was declared the winner of the competition and was awarded the cash prize. Along with Raghav, the other finalists were also given awards for their separate merits.

SIS hopes that this competition will not only encourage more students to openly discuss current issues but will also create an environment where opinions can be discussed and respected. Through this competition, SIS is hoping to create a new generation of young global citizens who are inspired to act positively and build international connections.