May 25, 2024

NIIT HDFC Design Program To Skill Virtual Relationship Management Professionals

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HDFC Bank partners with NIIT to launch a 4-week method to skill gurus in ‘Virtual Connection Management’ for the banking field

HDFC Bank, one of the leading personal sector banking institutions of India, has partnered with NIIT Minimal, a world talent improvement corporation, to make a massive pool of expert Virtual Connection Management experts for the banking market.

Spanning above a period of time of 4 weeks, the method is built to establish in-need and highly developed product sales abilities among the learners which will help them to acquire new shoppers for numerous products and services and products and solutions. The immersive system is made to establish a ready-to-deploy pool of skilled Digital Romantic relationship Administrators. 

Any Graduate / Postgraduate with -2 yrs of knowledge will be eligible for the software. The schooling will get area virtually employing many on-line collaborative platforms. 

The program consists of a two-rounds assessment course of action to filter the most deserving candidates, who will go through further more upskilling and training rounds during the class. 


Supply website link The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) and HDFC Manipal Academy have recently announced a partnership to launch a professional training program that will provide a comprehensive and thoroughly innovative education on virtual relationship management. The NIIT HDFC Design Program to Skill Virtual Relationship Management Professionals has been designed to cater to the rapidly growing demand for uniquely skilled professionals in the modern marketing realm.

This initiative has been welcomed with open arms by employers and business owners Worldwide, who are yearning for trained professionals with expertise in the field of virtual relationship management. This program aims to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of qualified professionals to serve the growing and ever-modernised marketing sector.

The main objectives of this program are to teach professionals how to effectively manage customer relationships, improve customer centricity, consumer preferences, market trends, and consumer psychology. This program will also ensure that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour, sales techniques, and channels of communications and how they relate to consumer experience and brand loyalty.

Furthermore, the program will help participants gain an understanding of what virtual relationship management entails and how they can leverage it to their advantage. Participants will also gain insights in best practices and trends to make efficient and effective customer-employee relationships. The training program focuses not only on the theoretical aspects of virtual relationship management, but also on hands-on practice, which helps participants understand practical application and real-time scenarios better.

The training program is an excellent opportunity for all marketing professionals and aspiring candidates to get certified in Virtual Relationship Management. If you are looking for an in-depth education and an industry-leading certification, this is the program for you. So, go ahead and apply for the training program soon and get ready to kickstart your career in the marketing sector!