July 25, 2024

NCERT Selects ETS For Establishing Assessment Regulator PARAKH

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The PARAKH initiative will set norms, criteria and suggestions for pupil assessment and analysis for all recognised faculty boards in India

ETS, the world instructional assessment organisation, has been picked by Countrywide Council of Instructional Investigate and Schooling (NCERT) to aid the set-up of India’s initial nationwide assessment regulator, PARAKH (Functionality Assessment, Evaluate and Investigation of Awareness for Holistic Growth).

The PARAKH initiative will established norms, specifications and recommendations for college student assessment and evaluation for all recognised college boards in India. This will place a heightened focus on constructing quality assessments to far better evaluate and raise expertise and skill acquisition across India.

PARAKH’s aims align with India’s NEP 2020 with the new regulator becoming proven as the nation’s leading, official source for all evaluation-related facts and skills. PARAKH’s mandate is to guidance learning evaluation in all varieties. 


Resource website link The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has recently selected Educational Testing Service (ETS), a global non-profit organization, to establish a regulatory body called PARAKH. The purpose of this regulatory body is to develop a nationwide assessment system for the educational sector of India.

PARAKH, which stands for Performance Analysis, Regulation, and Knowledge Hub, will play a significant role in improving the standardization of educational assessment at both school and non-school levels in India. It will bring standardization to the assessment mechanism across various states, by ensuring that assessment standards are at par with international standards.

The PARAKH body will be formed with experts from both India and ETS. It will be responsible for designing, administering, and analyzing exams in core subjects including sciences, economics, humanities, and engineering. It will also ensure the integrity of the assessment system by ensuring that the content of the exams is equitable and up-to-date. The results of these exams will be made available to parents and students to help in preparing for future tests.

The main objective of PARAKH is to create a unified and objective system of assessment that will help identify and bridge the gaps in learning among school-going children in India. This system will be instrumental in helping educators, parents, and students to make well-informed decisions about the progress of the students.

NCERT and ETS believe that PARAKH will help create a lasting impact on the quality of the educational system in India. With the help of PARAKH and its experts, India will now have access to accurate and objective assessment results, along with a reliable and timely feedback mechanism. This will provide a much-needed boost to the standard of education in India.