June 15, 2024

More Polish PT-91 Twardy tanks for Ukraine: T-72 on the outside, completely different vehicle on the inside

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Poland designs to transfer 60 units of PT-91 Twardy tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. From the outside the house, this car looks very a great deal like a “standard” T-72. But just about all interior products has been changed with modern solutions.

Export version of PT991 Twardy.

Export version of PT991 Twardy. Impression credit: Łukasz Golowanow & Maciek Hypś, Konflikty.pl by way of Wikimedia

In accordance to existing formal experiences, Poland has previously transferred all-around 250 tanks to Ukraine to this date. A different batch of 74 models should really get there shortly. Of them, 60 will be PT-91 Twardy, accompanied by 14 models of Leopard 2. This final decision has been officially verified by Polish Key Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 

This is not the very first time Ukraine will acquire tanks PT-91 Twardy. Poland has 232 models of these autos, and has previously donated an undisclosed range of them to Ukraine.

This tank is a modernized edition of the Soviet-period T-72, and visually remains related to the foundation car. Nevertheless, Polish modernization influenced all the key components – just the hull alone stays unchanged.

PT-91 Twardy – how distinct is it?

For the duration of modification, Polish experts substantially enhanced the protective attributes of the motor vehicle. In PT-91 Twardy, the dynamic ERAWA safety has been executed, supplying protection to almost all surfaces of the tank. 

The fireplace management system was also replaced. The latest model of the Polish overcome auto works by using a regionally created DRAWA process with new eyesight methods, which includes a thermal imaging module, laser rangefinder, and ballistic computer system with an integrated details processing technique. Commander and driver now also have separate night vision channels. 

A ballistic laptop or computer installed in PT-91 can assess firing precision based mostly on the target’s velocity, weather ailments, projectile variety, and even projectile temperature. 

The weight of the device increased to 46 tons, largely simply because of enhanced armor. To manage necessary dynamics, the outdated engine 780 hp B-46 motor has been changed with Polish S-12U formulated by PZL-Wola delivering up to 850 hp. 

The motor also has a digital manage device. The driver now has the risk to monitor the operational characteristics of the engine on the digital handle and diagnostics panel. The most new styles of Twardy have an even extra potent S-1000 motor with a turbocharger, acquiring up to 1,000 hp.


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