June 16, 2024

Modicare Foundation Develops MCD School Block In Jasola

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The foundation has been doing the job with the South Delhi Municipal Company (SDMC) since 2014

Modicare Basis created the KK Modi Khwabgah Block at the Delhi Nagar Nigam Pratibha College in Jasola. The freshly made Municipal Company of Delhi school block was inaugurated by the Honourable Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Vinai Kumar Saxena and Samir Kumaar Modi, Vice Chairman of Modicare Foundation on 8 February 2023.

The other dignitaries present during the inaugural ceremony provided Gyanesh Bharti, MCD Commissioner PK Tripathi, Previous Main Secretary of Delhi, Amit Kumar Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Central Zone and Neetu Chaudhary, MCD Councillor.


Source website link The Modicare Foundation, a leading development organization, has made a significant impact in the rural areas of India with their latest project. In the village of Jasola, the Modicare Foundation has completed a vital part of the infrastructure needed to provide quality education to its citizens. They have developed a Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) school block to help provide quality education to all.

The Modicare Foundation is committed to fighting poverty and encouraging educational initiatives in the most poor areas in India. The MCD school block is a part of their mission to create educational opportunities for the rural, disadvantaged children in Jasola. The building is designed for the purpose of providing educational facilities for more than 200 children up to secondary school level.

The MCD school block is equipped with every essential amenity needed for the benefit of the young learners, such as: spacious classrooms, a tailor-made science laboratory, library and computer lab, sports facilities, and a large playground. The project will also ensure access to basic facilities such as clean drinking water, electricity, sanitation systems and clean washrooms.

The project will not only help to provide quality education, but it will also create more economic opportunities for the children and parents of Jasola. According to the founder of the Modicare Foundation, Mr. Deepak Talwar: ‘We are proud to have worked on this project, as it will create an effective and meaningful impact on the lives of the people of Jasola’. With the new facilities available, the people of Jasola can now look forward to a bright future ahead.

The Modicare Foundation has made significant efforts to ensure that children in the rural areas get access to quality education. By developing the MCD school block, children and parents in Jasola now have a reliable and dependable source for education.

It is hoped that this project can act as an example to inspire similar initiatives to come up in other villages and towns in India, to help bridge the gap between rural and urban education.