July 24, 2024

Letter shows contact between College Board, DeSantis administration

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Supply url The College Board, an organization that administers the SAT and Advanced Placement tests, and the Florida Department of Education recently revealed contact between the two entities.

The information was made public through an email obtained by Politico, an American political journalism company. The August 5th letter, written by College Board CEO David Coleman, discusses working with the Department of Education to ensure students receive a fair, transparent and trustworthy assessment experience.

The College Board has earned the trust of the educational community by collaborating with government and education entities. In the letter, Coleman pointed out that “it is historically, the state of Florida, not the College Board, that solely determines whether a student should earn, keep or receive full credit for an AP exam.” In addition, Coleman wrote that, “we are designing new ways to provide more flexibility and support within our services.”

The letter states that the College Board will work with the department to “meet the needs of Florida students” by providing seamless access to the SAT, College-Level Exams, and the Advanced Placement Program.

The College Board’s collaboration with the Department of Education is a first step in ensuring that Florida students can enjoy uniform, fair, and equitable access to assessment programs. The letter serves as a formal introduction between two entities to ensure that Florida students are receiving the best educational opportunities possible. The collaboration between the College Board and the state of Florida will benefit students by improving their assessment experiences and helping them succeed in their future studies.