June 15, 2024

Latest and Outdated Models of Apple Smart Watch Prices

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Every Apple Smart Watch that has feature the same 18-hour "all day" battery life, the same watchOS, and a somewhat comparable appearance and functionality. 

Three Apple Watch versions are currently available for purchase: the Series 9, the Ultra 2, and the SE 2 (Gen 2). We will go over the main changes between all Apple Watch models that can still run the most recent watchOS, which is to say all Series 4 and later Apple Watches, in case you have an older model and are not sure if you should upgrade.


Actually, with the exception of the more robust Ultra, every Apple Smart Watch that has been produced in the past four years has been essentially the same. They all feature the same 18-hour “all day” battery life, the same watchOS, and a somewhat comparable appearance and functionality. 


The most recent model will ultimately be the one to be chosen from the other models all the time on display, with new and elegant designs and many amazing wellness features that you won’t regret buying. This comprehensive blog will discuss the Apple smart watch price in Pakistan and a few trending and outdated models. 

What Happens to the Apple Smart Watch Next?

It is anticipated that Apple will not introduce a new generation of watches for at least a year, as the Series 9 and Ultra 2 were released in September 2023. 2024 may be a more noteworthy year with new designs and materials and new functionalities of branded smartwatches because 2023 was a year of minor improvements. It’s also possible that Apple is working on diabetes monitoring via the Watch, which might be included in next year’s edition. For the spring of 2024, an Apple Watch SE (Gen 3) is potentially conceivable.

Latest Apple Watches

The latest smartwatches that are trending so far, we will discuss their differences are Ultra 2, Series 9, and second-generation SE.

Apple Smart Watch Series 9

The Series 9 bears a striking resemblance to the Series 8 of the previous year, which was likewise quite similar to the Series 7. It costs the same and has the same appearance and texture, as well as the same display and battery life. Aside from having a faster and more advanced processor, the primary differences between the Series 9 and the previous versions include the display brightness, the new “double tap” feature that allows for limited one-handed use, and the new Precision Finder feature that helps you locate your iPhone.


Cost: PKR 1,11, 986 and above


Is it wise to purchase? The answer is “yes” if you want the greatest Apple Watch for most users. On the other hand, you most likely won’t notice much of a change with a Series 7 or 8.

Apple Watch SE

The 2020 model of the Apple Watch SE has a striking resemblance to its successor. They share most of the same features and have an identical appearance and feel. Aside from a faster CPU and new color options, the primary distinction with the new Apple Watch SE is that Apple dropped the price. It is now $249 to start. Regarding the compromises made in comparison to the Series 8, the new SE is still devoid of numerous health and wellness functions as well as the always-on display. For example, there is no sleep tracking or cycle tracking.


Cost: PKR 68,889


Is it wise to purchase? Indeed. It’s the best-value Apple Watch and a fantastic entry-level device available at this price point.

Apple Watch 2

The Ultra was a completely new Apple Watch for 2022, and it received a minor update to become the Ultra 2 for 2023. It remains the most costly, capacious, brightest, toughest, long-lasting, and largest Apple Watch ever introduced. It is an alternative for those who want the best smartwatch that Apple has to offer, but it is specifically made for extreme athletes and explorers, including recreational scuba divers. (Or if they simply desire a massive display.)


Cost: PKR 2,24, 253


Is it wise to purchase? Apple’s largest and best smartwatch is the Ultra 2. Since it’s also the most expensive, you should be sure you will use the extra features; if not, it might be worthwhile to stick with series 9. But if you had bought 

Outdated Models of Apple SmartWatch

Apple Watch SE (2020)

The SE and Series 6 were introduced at the same time, and they are remarkably similar. The majority of the sensors (such as the gyroscope, compass, fall detection, and an always-on altimeter) and battery life are the same for both devices. The displays are also the same size. The two wellness-measuring sensors and the always-on display are absent from the SE. It can’t take an ECG because it doesn’t have an electrical heart sensor, but it can record your heart rate because it has an optical heart sensor that’s comparable to the Series 3’s. Furthermore, it is devoid of a blood oxygen sensor, which is useful in diagnosing asthma and other cardiac disorders.


Cost: PKR 78,300


Is it wise to purchase? No. Choose the newly available SE (2022).

Apple Smart Watch Series 4

With a larger display and thinner bezels, the Series 4 was the first Apple Watch to undergo a significant overhaul. The Series 5, SE, and Series 6 that came after it all had the same design. Like the Series 5, the Series 4 has been out of style for a while, and the majority of the time, the discounts aren’t good enough to make purchasing such a dated smartwatch worthwhile. But Apple does offer reconditioned devices for sale.

Cost: 69,886 and up (Repaired)


Is it wise to purchase? No. It’s outdated, and you can get a better or newer smartwatch for nearly the same money.


Branded smart watches price in Pakistan are a bit expensive, but a few of them have amazing features that if you can afford and the money is not the problem, then you must consider buying them. But if you can not buy them, then the top smart Watch under 5000 you can get is the Honor smart watch.