Keeping Students Connected to Succeed in School and Beyond

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Source link As students progress through school, having a reliable connection to the internet is becoming essential in order to succeed. In today’s digital age, having a connection to the internet is no longer a privilege, it is a right. Without it, students are unable to access a variety of information and resources that can bridge the gap between success and failure. It has become increasingly important for students to be connected to the internet, not only for educational purposes but for social and emotional wellbeing, too.

According to research, students with access to the internet are more likely to complete assignments, better comprehend material, develop higher order thinking skills, and score higher on tests. Quality online resources, such as online tutoring, homework help, and e-textbooks, have provided students with unprecedented opportunities for furthering their education in ways that traditional classrooms could never match. In addition, the internet is a valuable resource for students who are looking for internships, job opportunities, and other pathways to success after graduation.

For students who may lack reliable internet access, many schools have created resources to provide quality internet service. This can take the form of programs such as internet loaner programs, which provide low-cost loans for students to purchase internet service plans, or WiFi hotspots that can be checked out by eligible students. Additionally, cities with high student populations are making wireless internet more accessible through public libraries and other public locations.

In order to ensure that all students can access the invaluable aid the internet provides, it is important to continue to support and grow access to the internet in educational settings. This could come in the form of subsidies to cover internet access fees or providing more access to public and school hotspots in order to keep students connected.

Having internet access to support students in their educational journey is becoming increasingly necessary. Without it, many students run the risk of falling behind and ultimately not reaching their full potential. Keeping students connected is a key step to closing the inequality gap and to helping students succeed in school and beyond.

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