April 19, 2024

Indian Students Won Awards In Cambridge International Exams

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187 pupils in India have gained the awards for their fantastic performance in tests in 2021-22, out of which 5 learners from Delhi have bagged 5 awards

Cambridge Intercontinental has conferred an extraordinary 222 Excellent Cambridge Learner Awards on Indian pupils. The worldwide awards celebrate the optimum-executing learners from over 40 international locations with skills recognised around the world by universities and companies. Just about every year almost a million students worldwide study programs organised by Cambridge International, which has been supplying intercontinental tests for a lot more than 160 a long time.

In overall, 187 pupils in India have received the Exceptional Cambridge Learner Awards for their exceptional overall performance in Cambridge exams in 2021-22, out of which 5 pupils from Delhi have bagged 5 awards. The awards recognise achievement in 4 groups – ‘Top in the Earth,’ ‘Top in the Nation,’ Significant Accomplishment Award,’ and ‘Best Throughout.’

Forty-eight learners throughout India have gained the ‘Top in the Earth awards, this means they realized the highest marks in the entire world in a particular issue. Of these 48 winners, 22 college students have won the award for their outstanding general performance in Arithmetic. The students have obtained awards in numerous subjects throughout Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Amount and Cambridge Global AS & A Degree skills.


Source connection Indian students won recognition at the prestigious Cambridge International Examinations held recently. Cambridge International Examinations is a globally-recognized group of qualifications and assessments taken by students from more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries.

It was a proud moment for India when Indian students bagged awards across different subjects in the Cambridge International Examinations for the first time. The students were recognized for their outstanding performance in the tests, with some even winning top positions in their respective subject fields.

The national leader for Cambridge International Examinations in India, Shahnaz Sheikh, said that this achievement was the result of the hard work and dedication of the students. He expressed his pride at the achievements of the Indian students and congratulated them for their success.

In India, the qualifications given by Cambridge International Examinations are gaining in popularity each year. This has been reflected in the increasing number of students who have registered to take the examinations.

The awards won by the Indian students at the Cambridge International Examinations are a testament to their abilities and it is hoped that this achievement will motivate more students to strive for excellence. It is hoped that this recognition will help to highlight the talent of Indian students in the fast-growing international educational arena.

In conclusion, it is heartening to see Indian students winning awards at the Cambridge International Examinations. This is a testament to their hard work and dedication and reflects their potential for success in the global arena. It is hoped that this achievement will further encourage students to strive for excellence and help to boost their performance in the international arena.