May 20, 2024

India Ranks 4th In Quality Of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Report

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India’s most current score of 6.1 in Countrywide Entrepreneurship Context Index reflects a steady increase in the country’s overall entrepreneurial atmosphere

India is ranked fourth of 51 countries for the quality of its entrepreneurship ecosystem, in accordance to the new World Entrepreneurship Observe (GEM) National Entrepreneurship Context Index (NECI) unveiled on 16 February.

The position, noted in the ‘GEM 2022/2023 World wide Report – Adapting to a New Normal’ – is a drastic turnaround pursuing a considerably decreased rating in 2021 (16th over-all).

India’s hottest rating of 6.1 reflects a continual raise in the country’s general entrepreneurial ecosystem around the decades. India’s NECI score rose from 5.8 in 2019 (rated 6th among the GEM economies) to 6. in 2020 (rated 4th). Even so, there was a dip in 2021, with a rating of 5. (barely enough) and a rank of 16th.

GEM defines the entrepreneurial context of a distinct financial state in conditions of 13 various qualities, labelled the Entrepreneurship Framework Conditions (EFCs). The NECI final results are based on the scores of the Framework Conditions for every single of the taking part 51 economies. At the very least 36 experts are chosen to evaluate statements that make up the scores that can be in comparison across economies.


Source hyperlink India has been ranked at 4th List in the world in terms of entrepreneurial ecosystem quality, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report. The report is released every year and provides a detailed understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape around the world.

India has seen a robust growth in the entrepreneurial sector since last few years and has been hailed as a leading economy in its region. According to the report, India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has been ranked 4th based on the quality of entrepreneurship, with the USA, China, and the UK occupying the top three spots. This makes India one of the best performers in terms of providing a quality environment for budding entrepreneurs to thrive.

The Government of India has taken various initiatives in recent times to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. For instance, the government has launched a number of schemes such as the Start-Up India program and the Self-Reliant India mission, to obtain a holistic framework to drive innovation and entrepreneurship. The government also provides financial and technical resources to empower entrepreneurs to realise their aspirations.

The GEM report further mentions that the number of entrepreneurs in India is increasing steadily, with more and more people starting up their own businesses. The report also states that entrepreneurs in India are increasingly confident about their ability to achieve commercial success, with nearly 65% of them having the right mindset and strategy to do so.

Overall, this is a positive sign for the future of Indian entrepreneurship, as increasing confidence among entrepreneurs will only lead to improved quality of the ecosystem. It is also indicative of the Government’s commitment to promoting entrepreneurship in the country. In the coming years, India is likely to continue to improve its ranking in terms of entrepreneurial ecosystem quality, as more and more initiatives to empower entrepreneurs are implemented.