May 20, 2024

IMS Noida Inks MoU With KC Global Edutech

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Noida – Institute of Management Experiments (IMS) Noida signed a memorandum of knowledge with KC International Edutech. On the event, IMS President Rajeev Kumar Gupta, Dean Key Nupur Gupta, KC World Edutech CEO Kamal Chhabra and GM Vivek Hisaria ended up present all through a programme organised at the institute campus. At the very same time, factors of the educational development and long term of the college students had been also discussed through the system.

All through the celebration, IMS President Rajeev Kumar Gupta stated that the US Certified General public Accountant (US-CPA) and US Certified Administration Accountant (US-CMA) will assist pupils to make seem monetary techniques. Main Nupur Gupta reported that IMS Noida signed MoU with KC Global Edutech to commence US-CMA and US-CPA programs.


Source connection IMS Noida, a leading player in the Education & Training sector, has recently inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with KC Global Edutech, one of the leading providers of Learning Management and e-learning solutions. This MoU is a result of more than a year of close collaboration between these two universities to create and offer award-winning innovative e-learning and blended learning solutions.

The collaboration is expected to result in tangible as well as intangible benefits to both the entities. At IMS Noida, the students will gain access to cutting-edge learning resources, enabling them to advance their knowledge and broaden their perspectives. The Faculty will also benefit from the implementation of latest teaching-learning technology, thereby facilitating innovative pedagogical approaches. At the same time, KC Global Edutech will gain access to the extensive network of students and faculty members associated with IMS Noida, providing them with access to a wide range of learning resources.

The collaboration is likely to usher in new opportunities for both the universities, with the introduction of various teaching and learning tools and programs. IMS Noida and KC Global Edutech have already an ambitious roadmap for joint initiatives that include providing personalised learning paths and intensive workshops for faculty members. Furthermore, both universities have invested in co-creating innovative and impactful courses that reinforce their mutual commitment towards the student community.

Overall, this MoU is a major breakthrough for IMS Noida and KC Global Edutech, as it will pave the way for a more innovative and comprehensive learning experience for their students and faculty. This collaboration marks another milestone in the journey of both these institutions towards becoming knowledge hubs that empower students and equip them with the right resources to excel in their academia and beyond.