June 16, 2024

IIT Kanpur To Float Haptic Smart Watch For Visually Impaired

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The look at was designed by Prof Siddhartha Panda and Vishwaraj Srivastava from the National Centre for Versatile Electronics at the institute

The Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT) Kanpur entered into a technological know-how transfer MoU with Ambrane India for mass producing and sales of the ‘haptic intelligent observe for blind and visually impaired’. The breakthrough innovation of the novel contact delicate haptic wise look at occur with two variants and was produced by Prof Siddhartha Panda and Vishwaraj Srivastava from the Countrywide Centre for Versatile Electronics at IIT Kanpur.

The technologies licensing arrangement was formally signed between IIT Kanpur and Ambrane India on 2 February 2023. The MoU trade ceremony was graced by Prof Abhay Karandikar, Director IIT Kanpur Prof AR Harish, Dean R&D, IIT Kanpur Prof Ankush Sharma (PIC, Innovation & Incubation), Co-inventors Prof Siddhartha Panda and Vishwaraj Srivastava from NCFlexE, IIT Kanpur and Ashok Rajpal (Licensee & Director of Ambrane India).

Watches that are presently obtainable for the blind and the visually impaired can be broadly categorized into tactile, speaking, vibration and braille-centered. These watches have their limitations – if there is a danger of needle breakage in tactile watches, speaking watches do not present a personal mode of interaction. Similarly, vibration watches are intricate and braille watches are high priced. This haptic enjoy produced at IIT Kanpur addresses the negatives of all the regular systems and offers a seamless expertise to the wearer.


Source link IIT Kanpur has developed a new smartwatch designed to help visually impaired people function independently. This haptic smartwatch, developed by the institute’s Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing, relies on user-friendly technology and artificial intelligence to provide multi-modal haptic feedback to its users.

The watch uses a combination of audio, vibration and pressure-sensitive tactile feedback to provide cues to users. Users can customize their interaction with the device, including customizing the level of feedback they receive. It also has the ability to detect simple gestures, such as a wave of a hand, to allow users to quickly turn on and off notifications.

The watch uses a camera for facial recognition, so users can set it up to recognize when someone is present and display a reminder on the watch face. It is compatible with commonly available eyewear, including glasses and sunglasses.

The watch also has a text-to-speech feature, enabling users to read text or listen to instructions for completing tasks. This can prove to be a great help for the visually impaired. The watch has the capability to detect events, such as collisions or falls, and send a notification to their caregiver.

The haptic smartwatch is expected to be made commercially available in the near future. IIT Kanpur believes that this device can help the visually impaired to be more independent and make a smoother transition into the workplace. This device is also expected to help improve their overall quality of life.