July 24, 2024

IIM Rohtak Hosts G20 Presidency Summit

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Over 300 individuals in individual and 1100 online participated in the summit from several sections of the country and overseas

Council for Strategic Affairs, Indian Institute of Management Rohtak organised day 2 of India’s G20 Presidency Summit on ‘Preponderance of Indian Wisdom in VUCA World’ at The Westin, Gurugram.

The summit, centred about the topic ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ or ‘One Earth, 1 Family members, One Future’, witnessed the existence of speakers and delegates from Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Greece, Argentina, Canada and Switzerland. Above 300 individuals in particular person and 1100 on-line participated in the summit from several parts of the region and abroad.  


Resource link The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Rohtak recently hosted a G20 Presidency Summit as part of their ongoing effort to promote understanding and engagement with the G20 Summit. The event was organized by the Trade, Technology and Competitiveness Cell of the Department of Strategy and Education at IIM Rohtak. The summit was attended by business owners, government representatives, thought leaders and academics from different parts of the world.

The summit witnessed a number of interesting debates addressing the major topics of G20 agendas. The discussion was led by a NITI Aayog representative who provided insights on India’s role as a leader of G20 member countries. He highlighted India’s ambitious vision of “Look East, Lead East” and “Make in India” campaign, as well as its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The summit also included the presentation of paper on “New Opportunities of Cooperation with G20 Members: India’s Participation in the G20 Process” by Professor Seema Kalra, a faculty member at the IIM Rohtak. She discussed India’s positive contributions to the G20 process, such as its host country status for the G20 Summit 2021 and its active participation in a number of G20 initiatives.

The audience was given the opportunity to ask questions and engage in interactive panel discussions with the participants. The panel discussions were focused on the theme of global cooperation and its ability to create solutions to the challenges faced by the world today. The delegates were also briefed on the specifics of the G20 event and its associated processes.

The summit was a grand success and provided a platform for the students, faculty and representatives of the G20 countries to discuss ways to bring about meaningful changes in the global economic and political landscape. IIM Rohtak’s participation in the G20 Summit signals India’s commitment to global development and is an encouraging step towards a world that stays united in its response to the global challenges.