May 20, 2024

Hycu aims at universal SaaS backup with R-Cloud

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Backup professional Hycu has introduced R-Cloud, a backup enhancement atmosphere to supply a universal knowledge security system for as-a-provider applications that operate in the cloud.

“SaaS [software as a service] represents 70% on typical of application utilised in the enterprise,” explained Hycu founder Simon Taylor. “But the challenge is that numerous clients believe the information they make is routinely protected in the cloud. It’s not. The apps themselves will endure an outage in the cloud. But if facts is deleted thanks to human error or by ransomware, there’s no way to restore it.”

Hycu’s new R-Cloud offering works by means of partnership between the SaaS software and Hycu with backup performance implemented in the application, with the user’s backup duplicate saved in the R-Cloud service. Moreover a professional partnership, there needs to be technical collaboration to converse through API with R-Cloud.

Hycu said it experienced programmed this functionality for a dozen or so SaaS solutions that will be supported on launch. These consist of Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Amazon RDS and Google Cloud SQL databases, Google BigQuery analytics, and Confluence and Jira collaboration instruments.

“Contrary to what you’d consider, it is quite tricky to programme backup functionality,” reported ESG analyst and backup professional Christophe Bertrand. “The software makers don’t have the expertise. That’s also why there is need for options like R-Cloud, and why VMware has under no circumstances made available a comprehensive backup option and takes advantage of Veeam in its place, which has been a wonderful achievements.”

Hycu presents a simplified minimal-code improvement setting in which they can develop backup functionality. The technological obstacle in this article is that an software continually modifies details but it has to make backups in which the most recent occasion is reliable with the very first.

Until now, there have only been backup expert services devoted to individual SaaS programs – OwnBackup for Salesforce, for instance – and Veeam for Workplace365. The problem for R-Cloud is to commercialise an featuring for all programs.

Possibility of details reduction in SaaS programs

Hycu guarantees 100 or so applications will be appropriate with R-Cloud by the stop of the year. Right now, the support is uniquely offered for consumers that by now use Hycu Protégé. Other folks can subscribe, and see the purpose “backup”, in their SaaS programs from April.

Immediately after that, the purchaser can restore details on their own by means of the Protégé console. Choices incorporate granular restore – an e mail, a file, etc – and historic, in which it is probable to re-mount a significantly more mature edition past to later on modifications.

In the margins of R-Cloud, Hycu provides a absolutely free online assistance to map SaaS programs utilized by an enterprise and demonstrate which are not safeguarded. Named R-Graph, this assistance is connected to authentication portals these types of as Azure Energetic Listing and Okta in the enterprise clients to determine providers made use of.

“An significant point is that SaaS applications are used by business models without passing in advance of the CIO, who is the only a single qualified to deploy backup products,” reported Bertrand. “So, it’s necessary for enterprises to have an understanding of the raise in hazard from decline of information represented by SaaS purposes.

“Enterprises require to have an understanding of that it’s their data and so their accountability,” he said. “In no scenario can they go to the service company if they have misplaced information to a cyber attack or by using human mistake on the section of their people today.”

The R-Cloud support will be charged at among $1 and $3 for every user dependent on the SaaS application utilised.


Resource link Enterprises all over the world are increasingly relying on SaaS applications to meet their needs, and as such, there is an ever-growing demand for reliable methods of backing up the data that is stored within it. Fortunately, tech company Hycu has a solution to this pressing concern in the form of its R-Cloud SaaS backup platform.

Hycu’s R-Cloud promises universal SaaS backup and recovery services for those who use the cloud-native storage, processing, and hosting capabilities of the most popular cloud infrastructure providers on the market, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.

Hycu’s R-Cloud provides decades of industry experience and expertise in the field of cloud-native backup and recovery, combined with its modern cloud management capabilities. This allows users to schedule automated backups, run disaster recovery drills, and otherwise protect their data stored in the cloud.

The platform also features advanced features, such as its powerful push intelligence, which allows users to tailor backup jobs to their own specific schedules and requirements. Hycu claims that this will help optimize cost structures, as well as offer users more control over their data.

Hycu’s R-Cloud is also designed to be secure, protecting data privacy, computer security, and user identity to the same standards that are used by established security auditors such as Cisco, Verizon, and Truste. The platform includes multi-factor authentication, which helps to ensure only authorized users can access user data, as well as role-based access control.

Hycu’s pursuit of providing universal SaaS backup and recovery is just further evidence of the company’s distinctive approach to cloud-native backup, one that looks to set a new standard for the industry. With its R-Cloud platform, Hycu seeks to bring reliable, secure data backup and recovery to large and small enterprises alike.