July 25, 2024

How schools can ensure recess is fun for all

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Resource link Recess time is an integral part of childhood and a great time for children to socialise, make friends and reenergise between classes. It should be a fun and inclusive opportunity for every child to feel comfortable, welcome and safe. Schools can have a responsibility to ensure that recess is a time which everyone can look forward to and enjoy.

Firstly, schools should create a culture of respect and consideration for all playmates. This will give children the emotional safety and respect for their peers necessary to feel secure at recess. Allowing the students to decide which activities to participate in could be a great way to foster positive engagement and sort out any conflicts that prevent them from having a good time during recess. Rules should be established and communicated to the children to ensure their safety during play.

Secondly, schools should provide a wide range of recreational activities to choose from. This will motivate children to stay active and engaged, while giving them the opportunity to try new activities and expand their horizons. Games which are adapted to the ages and varying physical capabilities of different students can also ensure that no one is left out or excluded from participating.

Thirdly, recess should be adequately supervised by teachers or aides to prevent bullying, however, their interventions should be minimal, only intervening when absolutely necessary and when the safety of the students is at risk. A good compromise would be for teachers to simply observe the students and give thoughtful guidance, allowing the children to make their own decisions and solve their differences. An intervention strategy should likewise be established between students, teachers and all involved to create a safe and conducive recreational environment.

Finally, providing plenty of interesting and fun equipment will ensure that kids will have everything they need to make their recess enjoyable. The availability of materials such as balls, beanbags and other manipulative items can enhance play activities and keep kids entertained and engaged.

In conclusion, there is no single “right” way to bring fun and exciting opportunities to children through recess. However, schools can strive to create a culture of respect and consideration, provide a range of recreational activities, adequately supervise and offer plenty of interesting equipment. With these steps, schools can ensure that everything possible is done for students to have a safe and enjoyable recess.