June 20, 2024

Grant Thornton Bharat MATES Inks MOU As Knowledge Partners

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This is viewed by equally as a strategic step toward inclusive business – academia partnership for skilling young college students with sector techniques

Grant Thornton Bharat, India’s experienced providers agency and Maharaja Agrasen Technical Training Culture (MATES), a non-gain organisation has signed a Memorandum of Comprehending (MOU) to strengthen their partnership as expertise associates. This is noticed by both as a strategic action to inclusive business – academia partnership for skilling youthful pupils with industry techniques.

The MoU was exchanged at an party held at Grant Thornton Bharat’s office environment at Delhi.

Less than this MOU, Grant Thornton Bharat and MATES collaborated on various initiatives aimed at offering technical training, employment specific company analytical specialized education and learning and skill enhancement chances to college students of MATES. 


Resource website link Grant Thornton Bharat and MATES have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to become knowledge partners and provide advanced education in banking and financial services for MATES, a nonprofit banking training institute.

The partnership is aimed at equipping MATES members and their clients with advanced insights and guidance to help them develop, implement and manage innovative solutions that drive growth and boost banking performance through regulatory compliance and cutting-edge technology.

Grant Thornton Bharat’s bankers, who are Certified Public Accountants, will work with MATES to deliver tailored training and consulting by leveraging each partner’s extensive domain expertise.

Through this MOU, MATES members, who includes bankers and accountants, will gain access to such training workshops and seminars conducted by Grant Thornton Bharat’s experts. The training will focus on the latest advancements in banking, finance and other related issues. In addition, MATES will collaborate with Grant Thornton Bharat in its ongoing efforts to create strong research and thought leadership in the banking and financial services sector.

The scope of the knowledge partnership includes working together on regulatory issues, risk assurance and helping MATES members to understand trends and opportunities in banking and financial services enabled by the latest technologies.

This MOU marks a significant milestone for the professional development of MATES members and provides them with a platform to create a meaningful impact in the banking and financial services industry. Grant Thornton Bharat’s expertise and training will help MATES members deepen their knowledge and make them more adept at providing value to their customers, increasing their competitiveness in the market.

The partnership of Grant Thornton Bharat and MATES will benefit all members of the banking and financial services industry, both locally and globally. It will promote the growth of their respective organizations and provide access to the best of knowledge in the banking and financial services sector.