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Grammarly Business Review (2023): Pricing, Pros & Cons

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What are the benefits of Grammarly Business and how much does it cost? Read our review of Grammarly Business to learn about features, pricing, and more.

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I have been using Grammarly for years, and it’s hands down the best grammar software on the market. However, Grammarly’s Free and Premium plans might fall a bit short for businesses looking for this type of writing and editing service. Fortunately, there’s Grammarly Business.

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What is Grammarly Business?

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Grammarly Business is an online typing assistant that suggests spelling, grammar and punctuation corrections within various services and applications. The Business plan takes everything that makes Grammarly great and applies it to teams.

A key benefit of Grammarly Business is it helps your content have a unified voice, tone and style across all teams such as marketing, sales and web publishing. When you need to collaborate within or between departments, Grammarly Business has features that set it apart from the competition such as SAML single sign-on support, brand tone and helpful analytics.

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How much does Grammarly Business cost?

Grammarly Business pricing depends on team sizes. For example:

  • A team with three members costs $15.00 per member per month.
  • A team with 10 members costs $14.50 per member per month.
  • A team with 50 members costs $12.50 per member per month, and there is no further discount for teams of 150+ members.

You can use the Grammarly Cost Calculator to get an idea of how much Grammarly Business will cost your company.

Grammarly Business pros

  • Very simple to use.
  • Highly accurate grammar, style and voice correction.
  • Concise explanations for each suggested change.
  • Plagiarism check can save your business from trouble.
  • Real-time checking.
  • Easy to learn why something is incorrect so team members can make fewer mistakes.
  • Seamless browser integration (Figure A).

Figure A

Grammarly works with most web browsers to create a seamless workflow.
Grammarly works with most web browsers to create a seamless workflow.

Grammarly Business cons

  • The service can get expensive for large businesses and teams.
  • Sometimes it will make an inaccurate suggestion.
  • The service slows down significantly for very large documents.
  • Grammarly Business does not work well with some web forms or CMS tools such as WordPress.

Standout features of Grammarly Business

  • Easily corrects complex spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.
  • More advanced suggestions, such as brand tone, compared to the Grammarly Free or Premium plans.
  • Team analytics dashboard.
  • Integrates with most workflows.
  • SAML single sign-on support.
  • Centralized billing and admin dashboard.
  • Priority email support.
  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption.
  • GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA compliance.
  • Team analytics dashboard.
  • Customizable style guide (Figure B).
  • Copy snippets can be reused (Figure C).

Figure B

Creating an internal style guide makes for a more cohesive voice and branding.
Creating an internal style guide makes for a more cohesive voice and branding.

Figure C

Snippets are small passages that can be easily reused throughout departments and teams.
Snippets are small passages that can be easily reused throughout departments and teams.

What are the differences between Grammarly Business and Premium?

The primary differences between Grammarly Business and Grammarly Premium is that the Business edition is geared towards teams, whereas the Premium version is targeted to individual users.

Features that meet the specific needs of teams include the organizational style guide, snippets and the admin dashboard, which allows you to configure product settings, authentication and provisioning (Figure D).

Figure D

The Grammarly admin dashboard is an especially useful tool for larger businesses.
The Grammarly admin dashboard is an especially useful tool for larger businesses.

Feature comparison of Grammarly Business and Premium

Grammarly Free Grammarly Premium Grammarly Business
Grammar Yes Yes Yes
Spelling Yes Yes Yes
Punctuation Yes Yes Yes
Conciseness Yes Yes Yes
Tone detection Yes Yes Yes
Full-sentence rewrites No Yes Yes
Word choice No Yes Yes
Tone suggestions No Yes Yes
Citations No Yes Yes
Style guide No No Yes
Snippets No No Yes
Brand tone No No Yes
Analytics dashboard No No Yes
Account roles and permissions No No Yes
SAML single sign-on No No Yes

Alternatives to Grammarly Business

These are the top alternatives to Grammarly Business:

  • ProWritingAid: AI-powered grammar and style tool that includes an automated style guide and plenty of third-party integrations.
  • Linguix Business: AI-powered writing tool that helps you control team performance and protect your brand image with style guides and analytics.
  • Writesonic: Grammar tool that includes a complete article rewriter, research mode, API access and bulk processing.
  • Jasper: The tool includes custom AI workflows, team collaboration, tailored billing and assistance for engaging social media posts.
  • Rytr: This tool has custom use cases, a dedicated account manager, 20+ tones, a plagiarism checker and support for more than 30 languages.

Review methodology

Although I am not a regular subscriber to the Grammarly Business plan, I did use the free trial for this edition for a number of days to get a feel for the features that are not available in Grammarly Premium.

I believe that you’ll find Grammarly Business is exactly what your company needs to keep every piece of published and shared content accurate, concise and on-brand.


Source link Grammarly Business Review (2023): Pricing, Pros & Cons

Grammarly, the digital writing assistant tool, is now offering an all-in-one business solution for teams of all sizes. In this Grammarly Business review for 2023, we’ll cover some key pricing and features, plus pros and cons of using this service.


Grammarly Business offers three subscription tiers: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. The Starter package starts at $350/year and comes with up to 10 users on the platform, as well as real-time grammar and spell checking, and contextual writing suggestions. The Pro tier, costing $800/year, includes up to 25 users, an AI-powered tone detector for emails, and advanced feedback and insights. The Enterprise tier costs $1600/year and includes up to 50 users with customizable writing rules, multilingual support, and advanced collaboration tools.


The Grammarly Business package includes all of the features found in the free version, plus some added benefits. It includes an AI-powered tone detector for emails, so you can ensure you’re sending out the right message to colleagues and customers. The feedback and insights feature will provide you with community-sourced writing tips, and will track your team’s progress over time. It also comes with customizable writing rules, so you can ensure everyone is following the same guidelines. Plus, the tool offers multilingual support, so you can communicate in multiple languages seamlessly.


The key advantages of using Grammarly Business are the real-time grammar and spellchecking features, the AI-powered tone detector, the advanced collaboration tools, and the multi-language support. It’s an easy-to-use platform that can help any business improve its writing quality, with personalized feedback for each user. Plus, the dashboard makes it easy to monitor results and track progress over time.


The main disadvantage of Grammarly Business is its price. The Enterprise tier starts at $1600/year and could be too costly for some businesses. As its a cloud-based solution, you’ll also need to have a strong internet connection to use it adequately.

Overall, Grammarly Business is an all-in-one solution for teams of all sizes that offers real-time grammar and spellchecking, AI-powered tone detection, advanced feedback and insights, and customizable writing rules. Despite its higher price point, it can make a huge difference to your business’s communication.