May 24, 2024

France was able to triple Caesar howitzer’s production rates. What does this mean for Ukraine?

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A few months in the past, this level of production of Caesar artillery guns was thought to be just about unachievable.

Presentation of French Caesar vehicle in Strasbourg - illustrative photo.

Presentation of French Caesar artillery auto in Strasbourg – illustrative photo. Graphic credit rating: Kevin.B via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.

Having said that, less than stress from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, the condition modified rather radically. Nexter, the business that manufactures the well-known Caesar self-propelled guns, now cranks out six totally new models in just a solitary month.

Is it complicated to make 6 cars of this form in somewhere around 30 times?

All through tranquil periods, the creation level at the exact business was just two Caesar models a thirty day period.

Manufacturing navy devices is not the same matter as generating consumer cars and trucks. A ton of specialised tools is wanted, moreover there is generally only a extremely minimal amount of components in the warehouses, that means that the full logistics chain have to be reworked from the base up to the top.

Until finally currently, France has offered 18 Caesar howitzers for Ukraine. Additional 19 models at first planned to be sent to Denmark will be “re-routed” to Ukraine, much too, with the support of the Danish governing administration.

These quantities necessarily mean that underneath the latest generation potential at Nexter, a comprehensive batch of Caesars (18+19) can be made in just half a yr, or in all probability even speedier.

Past Tuesday, the Minister of the Armed Forces of France, Sébastien Lecornu, announced that Paris would supply twelve further Caesar guns to Ukraine, as well as an undisclosed number of air defense gear.

The French Minister also pointed out that the country’s arms manufacturers are beginning to enter what they call “war economy”, when they are capable to create much more and speedier.


Source backlink France’s success in tripling its production rate of the Caesar howitzer has been a boon to the Ukranian military. This advanced weapon system, developed in partnership between France and Israel, has been widely sought after due to its performance capabilities.

The deployment of the Caesar howitzer to the Ukranian military gives them access to a versatile artillery system that is capable of firing highly accurate shells over a great distance. With its high mobility, excellent quality of fire and field endurance, the Caesar howitzer has been an essential component of the Ukranian offensive operations against separatist forces in the Donbass region.

In recent years, the Ukranian military had been hampered in its efforts due to their lack of modern artillery forces. With France’s increased production rate of the Caesar howitzer, the Ukranian military was able to acquire more of these modern howitzers to support its operations.

The increased production rate of the Caesar howitzer also allowed for increased access to parts and services. This means that the Ukranian military can rapidly repair and upgrade their existing systems as needed, reducing their reliance on outdated or obsolete weapons. The Caesar also significantly increases the range of the Ukranian military’s strike capabilities, allowing their units to engage enemy forces more safely and effectively.

The effect of France’s tripled production rate of the Caesar howitzer has been beneficial to the Ukranian military in numerous ways. The increased production rate of the system has provided Ukranian forces with the modern artillery force they need to successfully engage separatist forces in Donbass. As well as improved parts and services and more powerful strike capabilities. The improved rate of production of the Caesar is a testament to France and Israel’s commitment to assisting Ukraine in its operations against separatist forces.