July 13, 2024

Effectiveness of PRP After Hair Transplant

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Nowadays, many people suffer from hair loss due to various conditions. To get rid of this situation, people prefer different hair and surgical methods to have healthy hair. However, most of the surgical treatments are performed in a single session that lasts for 3-4 hours. Complex surgeries take several sessions to give you the desired results.

Ideally, the transplanted hair begins to grow within 3 to 6 months after the hair transplant procedure is done. Now, if you think the work is done after the treatment, you are wrong!

After the procedure, the growth of transplanted hair follicles and the removal of scars and bruises (occurred due to surgery) is important. For that, PRP or GFC treatment comes in!

This blog carries all the details taken from Dr. Urvashi Chandra at Chandra Clinic, best Hair transplant clinic in Delhi, on PRP/GFC treatment that you need to require to decide to plan your treatment. So, let’s get started by understanding PRP!

What Is PRP?

PRP treatment is a simple and safe treatment that uses platelets suspended in plasma from your blood. These platelets are recognized as specialized cells that release growth factors, triggering a complex process called neoangiogenesis. This process further creates new blood vessels, stimulating tissues and signaling hair follicle stem cells.

Why is PRP used after the hair transplantation process?

PRP can be used in the hair transplantation process at various levels :

  • Firstly, PRP strengthens weak donors and areas that are not transplanted perfectly and do not facilitate growth.
  • PRP increases the graft yield rate of the transplanted hair follicles
  • PRP lowers the transactional graft rate
  • Heals donor areas from where the hair follicles are taken
  • PRP also heals recipient areas where the hair follicles are transplanted

Various Advantages After A Hair Transplant?

The various advantages of PRP after Hair transplant are:

Enhances and promotes tissue repair and healing: PRP treatment repairs tissues and heals the injury after the procedure. It mainly releases the platelet growth factors, which encourages healing and repair. The reasons why doctors recommend PRP after a hair transplant can be:

  • Minimize scarring and injuries
  • To enhance healing and repair
  • To promote hair growth of the newly transplanted follicles.

Maintains the viability of hair follicles:

The period when your doctor removes hair follicles from the donor area to transplant them into the recipient area must be treated well. The time gap can destroy the hair follicles for many reasons, such as:

  • Dehydration occurs when the donor area is not wet enough.
  • Change in temperature due to new follicular environment
  • During the transplantation period, the withdrawal of blood causes the nutrients and oxygen to starve which leads to the low flow of oxygen.
  • Fluctuation in temperature due to the new follicular environment

Stimulates new hair growth after the treatment:

PRP after the hair transplant technique, stimulates hair growth. When platelet growth factors wake up the inactive hair follicles, it facilitates new hair growth on your scalp. After the scarring, the PRP is given to the patient to encourage platelets which aids various growth factors. Later, you can witness results in their hair growth.

PRP treatment can bring several benefits to your life after the hair transplant technique. To know about the PRP treatment cost, read more.

PRP Therapy Cost In Delhi?

GFC/PRP therapy cost in Delhi can vary from individual to individual depending on factors such as the patient’s health condition, location of the clinic, and experience of the doctor. However, at Chandra Clinic, you don’t have to worry about the cost. Dr. Urvashi Chandra will guide you on how to plan your treatment effectively. Moreover, she is also efficient in providing GFC therapy at the budget GFC therapy cost in Delhi.


Injecting a concentrated platelet count (treated with hair transplantation) into the scalp boosts healing and revitalizes cells. The top-notch doctor at Chandra Clinic, Dr Urvashi Chandra, combines PRP with hair transplants for better long-term benefits. If you are experiencing hair loss in non-transplanted areas, PRP is a good option.

PRP is considered to be safe and the best treatment. For PRP care after the hair transplant procedure and even for Bio-IPT treatment, you can book your appointment with Dr. Urvashi Chandra by visiting Chandra Clinic today!