June 16, 2024

Difference Between Hair Spray and Finishing Spray

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hese are some differences between hairspray and finishing spray. If you are searching for hair services at home near me online to get a new hairstyle,

Women usually prefer two hair styling products – hairspray and finishing spray. However, if not used properly, the results may not be ideal. While hair spray helps hold hair in place, finishing spray provides shine. Let’s know about each of them separately before knowing their differences..  

Defining Hair Spray 

Hair spray ensures the styled hair is in place for a long time. It sticks to the stands to prevent hair from moving, so you’ll often observe your hair becoming stiff after its application. Moreover, hair spray also protects from wind. 

You can choose from several hair sprays depending on the hair-holding capacity. Some of the hair sprays are – 

Extra Hold Hair Spray 

The extra hold hair spray offers better hair control. It works wonders on curls and waves. 

Light Hold Hairspray 

This hairspray is the milder version of the spray and gives a natural finish to hair. 

Gel Hair Spray 

The gel hair spray is a combination of hair spray and gel that works wonders for styling small hair or forming updos.

Modern Hold Hairspray 

This hairspray is not so mild and has more hair-holding capacity.

Define Finishing Spray 

Finishing spray, also named setting spray, adds lustre to the hair. It dries fast and is humidity-resistant. So, it helps reduce the hair’s frizziness. The spray gives too much glimmer without much residue. When you apply finishing spray after styling, it makes your hair more fuller and voluminous. The main purpose of the finishing spray is to hold your hairstyle and give it a polished finish. 

Hair Spray Vs Finishing Spray 

When we look at hair spray and finishing spray, we can find some differences and similarities among them. Here, we have some differences between hair and finishing spray based on various aspects. 


Hair Spray 

It forms a coat on the hair strands to hold the hair together and keep the style in place. Always choose the hair spray depending on the hair type and quality. A person with curls needs the extra hold hair spray to keep the hair in place. Meanwhile, people with thin hair can avoid using hair spray, as it can make the hair look greasy. 

Finishing Spray 

These sprays do not coat the hair. The finishing sprays just add a coat on the hair from humidity and dryness. The main purpose of the spray is to add shine to the hair and reduce frizziness. The finishing sprays are perfect for finishing touches on any hair type.

Process of Using Hair Spray and Finishing Spray 

Before styling, use hair spray on your hair, spread it using a comb, and immediately shape your hair parting as you want. With this, hair spray keeps your curls in place or manages your silky and super flexible hair. Use it by holding the spray in place before shaking and placing it about 20–30 cm away from your hair and spray.

Finishing spray, which is used after styling, provides additional support. Use it six to eight inches away from your hair surface. Spray it from different angles and let the product dry before touching the same. 


Hair spray contains ingredients such as alcohol, water, hydrofluorocarbon, polyvinylpyrrolidone, carboxymethylcellulose, etc., keeping hair strands in place. Meanwhile, the silicone present in the finishing spray ensures smooth hair. 


Hair spray can be used on dry to wet hair. After that, you should comb to get it distributed evenly. But the level of shine it can provide when you spray it on dry hair will not be the case with wet hair. The finishing spray is used once you are done with the hairstyle to give shine and a finished look. 

Process Time 

The processing time of both products depends on the type, amount of applied solution, and hair volume. Usually, both of them work pretty quickly. For hair spray, you need to spray it and spread using a comb. After that, wait till it dries well. On the other hand, use finishing spray when you are done with the hairstyle to hold it in place. 


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