May 22, 2024

College Board updates African American studies course

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The Higher education Board launched its final Sophisticated Placement African American scientific studies curriculum Wednesday next a pilot in 60 educational facilities. The revised curriculum can make optional some topics that have drawn criticism, which include Black Life Make a difference and slavery reparations, but the board asserts improvements had been mostly built prior to criticisms were being leveled.


Resource hyperlink Over the past decade, there has been an increased focus on educating students about the history and culture of African Americans. This is why College Board recently announced an update to their African American studies course, which is available for college credit.

The course material has been updated significantly to better meet the needs of today’s students. It now goes beyond the core narrative of black history and culture to cover subjects such as the influence of African Americans on popular culture, immigration and global experiences, economic empowerment, and global perspectives.

The course will be split into two parts: the first focusing on African American studies from the pre-Civil War era to the present day. It will cover topics such as the African American experience in education, immigration, immigration to the United States, and the civil rights movement.

The second part of the course will explore topics such as African American art and literature, as well as advancing research in contemporary African American studies.

In addition to the course updates, College Board has also recently introduced an online tool to help teachers create African American studies courses. The tool is free to use and provides an extensive library of resources, including videos, lesson plans, and materials to help educators create well-rounded courses.

College Board is committed to using its platform to push for more African American studies content in schools. By updating their African American studies course and providing teachers with a valuable teaching tool, College Board is helping to ensure that important black history and culture is shared with future generations.