July 23, 2024

‘ChatGPT Is Going to Be in Everything’: General Motors Considers Using AI Chatbot in Vehicles

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Common Motors is exploring works by using for ChatGPT as component of its broader collaboration with Microsoft, a company executive explained to Reuters.

ChatGPT is heading to be in anything,” GM Vice President Scott Miller stated in an job interview last week.

The chatbot could be applied to accessibility details on how to use car or truck attributes normally found in an owner’s guide, system capabilities this sort of as a garage doorway code or combine schedules from a calendar, Miller explained.

“This shift is not just about a person one capacity like the evolution of voice commands, but as an alternative usually means that shoppers can anticipate their long term automobiles to be far far more capable and fresh total when it arrives to rising technologies,” a GM spokesperson reported on Friday.

The news was initial reported by web page Semafor, which stated that the American automaker was functioning on a digital individual assistant that uses AI styles driving ChatGPT.

Before this yr, Microsoft announced a multi-billion-greenback financial commitment in ChatGPT-owner OpenAI and explained it aims to incorporate the chatbot’s technological know-how into all its products.

Microsoft, like other huge tech businesses, has been ramping up its attempts to embed extra know-how in cars, from infotainment units to automatic driving to working programs that manage battery performance and multiple other features of a vehicle.

GM in 2021 partnered with Microsoft to accelerate the commercialization of driverless motor vehicles.

Shares of GM were down about two percent on Friday amid a broader fall.

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Source website link Recently, General Motors expressed their interest in using an AI technology, called ChatGPT, in their vehicles. ChatGPT stands for ‘chat-based generative pre-trained transformer’ and is the latest breakthrough in artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is specifically designed for natural language processing and is able to respond to customer inquiries and interpret customer feedback to create a more personalized and automated customer experience.

It appears that General Motors is looking to integrate ChatGPT directly into the experience of driving a vehicle; this would enable drivers to interact with their car in a much more natural way. For example, drivers could ask the car questions about mileage, service records, or capabilities and the car would be able to answer accurately and provide helpful information. Additionally, ChatGPT could be used to enable driverless vehicles, as the AI technology would be able to interpret the driver’s intentions and act accordingly.

General Motors believes that by using ChatGPT, they can create an entirely new experience for drivers. They hope to develop a customer relationship that is built on an individualized understanding of the customer’s preferences and needs. By personalizing the driving experience, General Motors is looking to build a customer base that is loyal and engaged with their products.

The potential applications for ChatGPT don’t stop with the driving experience; General Motors hopes that this AI technology can be utilized across its entire business. By incorporating ChatGPT into their dealer network and customer information technology, General Motors could make customer service faster and more efficient.

It’s clear that General Motors is seriously considering using ChatGPT in its vehicles and other areas of their business. By using this AI technology, they hope to revolutionize the customer experience and create a more personalized relationship between drivers and their vehicles. It appears that ChatGPT will have a place in General Motors’ future, and it may not be long before it is available in cars across the globe.