May 22, 2024

Boston schools launch electric bus program

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Boston General public Universities has launched a handful of electric school buses as element of a pilot plan that will mature to incorporate  –More– 


Supply hyperlink Boston Public Schools recently announced the launch of an electric bus pilot program in its district. The pilot program aims to improve air quality for students by replacing traditional diesel school buses with electric buses, a step in reducing the districts emissions.

The electric buses will be operated by the First Student, a nationwide provider of student transportation services. The company recently purchased five electric buses to replace the diesel buses in the district. The buses will feature zero-emission electric motors, upgraded infrastructure, and a range of nearly150 miles.

In making the announcement, Boston Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Brenda Cassellius stated that taking steps to reduce emissions and improve air quality for students is a priority for the district. In addition, she noted that reducing emissions is an essential part of addressing environmental injustice and public health in larger communities.

The district has also collaborated with several partners on building the infrastructure necessary for electric buses. The city has worked with the State’s Department of Transportation, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to fund the project and make it a reality.

The new electric buses are part of Boston Public Schools’ larger initiative to transition to renewable energy sources. The district is also working on solar panel installations on school buildings and conducting energy efficiency upgrades district-wide.

The electric bus pilot program marks an important step in the Boston Public Schools’ efforts to reduce emissions and move toward renewable energy sources. This initiative is anticipated to have a substantial impact on reducing emissions in the district while improving student health. The district looks forward to continuing to develop their program into the future.