May 22, 2024

Become a Better Collaborator by Committing to a Personal Norm

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Typical norm-environment processes where a team will come to consensus on a limited listing of agreements, this kind of as “start and end meetings on time,” never deal with the specific individualized behaviors that hold our team’s collaboration again from actually owning the effects on the mastering we search for. Study how a conscious technique to adopting individual norms for yourself can guide to better team conferences on The ASCD Web site.


Source connection When it comes to teamwork, collaboration is an essential component to success. Working as part of a team involves many internal and external stakeholders, communication and trust. As a team member, each individual plays an important role in the overall productivity and outcome of the project.

One key way to become a better collaborator is to commit to a personal norm. A personal norm is a set of guidelines and behaviors you commit to and abide by when working within a team. Whether the team is virtual or in-person, setting expectations in collaboration can help build trust and foster effective relationships.

Personal norms often include the following:

• Displaying Respect: Respect your team members’ ideas, opinions, and point of view, even if you do not agree with them.

• Sharing Ideas: When on a team project, work as one unit by contributing your share of ideas to the project.

• Keeping a Positive Attitude: In times of conflict, remain optimistic and work to find a resolution.

• Taking Responsibility: Own up to your mistakes and learn from them.

• Being Punctual and Consistent: Make sure to attend meetings on time and follow through on commitments.

• Leveraging Strengths: Work to understand the strengths of your team, and use them to your advantage.

B ycommit to these personal norms, you can foster a team environment that encourages trust and productivity, leading to better collaboration.

Ultimately, if you want to become a better collaborator, commit to a personal norm and focus on the team collective. Establishing these stringent guidelines will help ensure everyone is on the same page, while still valuing and respecting each person’s unique contribution. You and your team can then work together harmoniously and be successful in meeting your collective goals.