May 22, 2024

ATACMS and GMLRS-ER still not in Ukraine. But they are getting closer

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For now, there are no indicators that the U.S. would be intending to give lengthy-assortment ATACMS missiles to Ukraine. But they are having closer to Ukraine’s territory.

HIMARS launcher platform and a flying missile. Image credit: U.S. Army

HIMARS launcher platform and a traveling missile. Graphic credit rating: U.S. Military

The U.S. Defense Protection Cooperation Agency has just lately permitted the sale of 18 M142 HIMARS missile systems and added launcher loader module kits to Poland.

There are two elementary features to this $10 billion offer.

Very first, Poland will receive prolonged-vary missiles. The adhering to types will be presented:

  • 461 models of M30A2 (GMLRS-AW)
  • 521 units of M31A2 (GMLRS-U)
  • 532 units of XM403 (GMLRS-ER AW)
  • 45 units of M57 (ATACMS)
  • Education missiles with shorter assortment

It is significant to be aware that the utmost range of the prolonged-variety ER-GMLRS rockets is 150 km. In the meantime, ATACMS can achieve targets at a distance of 300 km.

The next significant facet is that as a part of the deal, Poland will be in a position to at minimum partly localize the production of HIMARS launcher platforms. Polish defense minister Mariusz Błaszczak verified that the extra ordered launcher loader module kits would be mounted on Polish vehicles.

The United States will also market the necessary help devices, communications tools, spare sections, and maintenance instruments. It will also educate Polish experts to assemble and retain these programs.

For Ukraine, this is excellent information, even if the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply cannot acquire these extensive-vary rockets nonetheless.

Poland will quickly start off assembling its have MLRS platforms. This state has a direct border with the Russian Federation, so the actuality that ATACMS is stationed below will signify less road blocks to relocating the very same armaments to Ukraine.


Supply url In the past few years, Ukraine has been making strides in developing its military capabilities and is now looking to invest in even more sophisticated weaponry. One of the weapons systems that Ukraine is considering is the U.S. Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), as well as its extended-range version, the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System Extended Range (GMLRS-ER).

ATACMS is a powerful system—the Army notes that it is its highest-performing and most accurate munition system—able to engage targets more than 300 kilometers away with precision.

GMLRS-ER is also a powerful system; it is capable of hitting targets more than 250 kilometers away, and is highly accurate.

At present, Ukraine does not yet possess ATACMS and GMLRS-ER. The reasons for this vary, ranging from budget constraints to Ukraine’s lack of experience in producing such sophisticated weaponry. Nevertheless, progress is being made. Ukraine’s state-owned arms manufacturer, Ukroboronprom, is planning to build the ATACMS and GMLRS-ER missiles in the near future, and is collaborating with U.S. and Israeli defense brands to ensure that the resulting products are of the highest quality and able to perform up to standard.

These efforts, together with Ukraine’s adoption of newer technologies, such as digitalisation and unmanned aerial vehicles, demonstrate that Ukraine is serious about modernising its armed forces. In addition, Ukraine has the benefit of being geographically situated close to U.S. Research and Manufacturing facilities, which should help to facilitate the development of these missiles in the near future.

To sum up, although ATACMS and GMLRS-ER are still not in Ukraine, they appear to be getting closer. With Ukraine’s commitment to modernising its military and the assistance of partners such as the United States and Israel, Ukraine is likely to see these sophisticated systems in its arsenal in the not so distant future.