April 19, 2024

Why Do I Have Dark Circles and Bags Under My Eyes?

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Dark circles and bags under the eyes can result from a range of factors. This can make one feel self-conscious and make them lose their confidence, too. If one is experiencing dark circles and eye bags, this could indicate that they need to make a change. But, to get an effective treatment, it is important to understand the underlying cause behind dark circles and eye bags. 

In this blog, we will discuss the top reasons for having dark circles and bags under the eyes. The aim is to help readers know about the underlying causes and make them aware so that they can prevent dark circles from appearing. To make this post factual, Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, the best dermatologist in Ludhiana who founded Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, has also shared some important facts with us. Let us begin by giving our readers an overview of the reasons causing dark circles and bags under the eyes. 

What are the Reasons For Dark Circles and Bags Under the Eyes? 

We often think dark circles appear due to tiredness. But it is just one of the possible factors causing these under-eye circles. The other causes include as below: 

  • Lack of Sleep: This is considered the most important factor that causes dark circles. This is because of staying up late at night and not getting enough sleep. This can also make the skin appear dull, and the blood vessels become more visible under the skin. 
  • Genetics: Darkness around the eyes is also something that people inherit from their parents. 
  • Sun Exposure: Almost all signs of premature aging are caused due to sun exposure and it can also appear in the form of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Since the skin around the eyes is extremely thin, this is where the first signs of aging appear, and sometimes it can be in the form of dark circles and bags under the eyes. 
  • Straining the Eyes: Staring at the computer for the whole day can also result in dark circles and bags under the eyes. 
  • Dehydration: Providing the skin with enough moisture is the key to supple and radiant skin. Dehydrated skin can result in bags under your eyes and lackluster skin.
  • Allergies: When one experiences an allergic reaction, the body releases histamine. Histamine is the cause of unpleasant symptoms such as red, blotchy skin and itchy eyes and skin. In addition, it may dilute blood vessels around the eyes, resulting in dark shadows around the eyes.
  • Aging: With age, the skin becomes thin, making the blood vessels more visible under the eyes, leading to dark circles and bags under the eyes. 

Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes 

Now that one is experiencing dark circles, they just want to get rid of them forever. For this, one can follow the tips as below: 

  • Get plenty of sleep to reduce the swelling around the eyes.
  • Follow a low-sodium diet, as salt induces the body to retain water, which causes bags and puffiness. 
  • Limit tobacco products and the amount of alcohol.

If these tips do not work, one can consider visiting a renowned skin specialist. For this, they can make an appointment with Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, a popular skin doctor who offers the best dark circle treatment in Ludhiana. One can get rid of their dark circles with effective dermatological procedures offered at the clinic, such as fillers, hydrafacial, peels, etc. Visit the clinic for more details on dark circle treatment!