July 24, 2024

Who Said It? Our life is in our hands. We are the ones who help create our fate.

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Source hyperlink Creating one’s own destiny is a concept which has been around for ages. The general idea is that we are able to have control over our lives and determine our own paths. Many influential and inspiring figures have expressed similar sentiments to this, but who said it exactly?

This memorable quote was expressed by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, who lived from 341 – 271 BC. He oriented his philosophy around the pursuit of pleasure, and the avoidance of physical pain. Epicurus was known for his minimalist lifestyle and living in simple, albeit comfortable, means. He believed that the key to life was simply in following one’s pleasure and knowing the limits of nature.

The quote “Our life is in our hands. We are the ones who help create our fate,” is a perfect representation of Epicurus’ teachings. He believed that through cultivating one’s sensations and curbing their desires, they could achieve an optimal level of success and happiness. He urged his followers to not be plagued by fear and to instead remain in control of their own lives.

The concept of taking ownership over one’s fate is an oft discussed one, and Epicurus’ beliefs on the matter have been echoed by authors, speakers, and other influencers throughout time. His quote offers a reminder for people of all ages and all walks of life, that we ultimately hold the power to our own fate and should make wise decisions as such.