July 16, 2024

WhatsApp saves life of student stuck under debris after Turkey earthquake

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It may well be addictive, but social media can be a boon much too. In reality, through crisis occasions, social media can conserve lives. This turned out to be true in the aftermath of the horrific earthquake in Turkey. In a miracle incident, a 20-year-outdated pupil was saved irrespective of staying stuck less than particles. A student named Boran Kubat was saved from less than the rubble of an condominium developing in Japanese Turkey immediately after he sent out a video appeal on WhatsApp and even shared his site.

How the university student got stuck under collapsed apartment debris

The scholar and his mother actually survived the very first earthquake in the early morning, but then they re-entered the making. Nonetheless, the second earthquake hit at that time and it caused the setting up to collapse.

How WhatsApp assisted preserve the life of the college student

Fortuitously, he survived, but was caught underneath the debris. Boran then sent a online video enchantment from beneath the debris of the apartment building. He recorded a video information on WhatsApp, pleading for guidance and offered his tackle. He stated, “Whoever sees this WhatsApp standing, remember to arrive and enable. Remember to everybody arrive and rescue us now.” Owing to this video clip enchantment, rescuers ended up able to find and effectively rescue Boran and his mother from below the particles.

As for every a report by the Turkish news outlet Anadolu Agency, Boran knowledgeable that it took rescuers quite a few swings of a sledgehammer to pinpoint their precise place.

“I experienced my cellular phone with me, so I considered if I shared a video clip on social media, my close friends could see it and they could arrive at us. They finally observed us, me and my mother,” he mentioned.

Household tragedy not around however

Sad to say, the tragedy is however haunting the family. The college student disclosed that other users of his loved ones are however stuck underneath the collapsed developing. “They are now making an attempt to rescue a person of my uncles, but yet another uncle and my grandmother are still trapped,” he instructed Anadolu.

In a equivalent incident, a YouTuber recognized as Charmquell aka Firat Yayla was rescued from the central Antakya district of Hatay which is a southern Turkish province immediately after he shared a video clip that provided his handle on Instagram stories, Al Jazeera claimed.


Source url Today marks an incredible event in history, as a student in Turkey was saved from certain death, thanks to the miracle of modern communication: WhatsApp.

Late Tuesday evening, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck off the coast of the Mugla province in south-western Turkey, causing numerous buildings to collapse.

One of those buildings was a school in which a student, who hadn’t been accounted for and was feared dead, was trapped under a large amount of debris. Rescue teams quickly arrived on the scene and began removing the rubble, but progress was slow and it looked like the student might not make it out alive.

That’s when a ray of hope shined, literally. The student, in addition to having his mobile device, had accessed the internet and was able to reach out to his friends via WhatsApp.

The student told his friends that he was trapped and provided an exact description of where he was. The friends, who were already coordinating with the rescue teams, were able to show rescue teams precisely where the student was – which drastically speeded the rescue process.

Due to this, the student was saved in less than 40 minutes, much faster than would have been possible without the student’s precise description of where he was.

The quick-thinking and resourcefulness displayed by the student and his friends in a difficult situation has been praised by the community, with many referring to this rescue as a miracle.

At the end of the day, credit for saving the student goes to many involved: the rescue teams, the community, but mostly to the ingenuity and humanity of the student and his friends. All of them have proven that, with the right devices and communication tools, real miracles can happen.