May 20, 2024

What the L.A. schools leader has achieved one year into tenure

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Source url One year into her tenure as the leader of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Superintendent Austin Beutner is already making impressive strides in his efforts to create and sustain high-quality education for all students within the district.

Since assuming office in May 2019, Beutner has focused on an expansive agenda which aims to ensure that all schools in the district are safe, healthy, and high-performing; an agenda which has shown considerable progress in its first year.

To ensure that the LAUSD is providing an equitable education, Beutner created an Equity Steering Committee, which has begun reviewing and analyzing the district’s policies, resources, and results in order to discover any disparities between student groups. These findings have assisted the district in creating effective strategies for improving outcomes for students most in need. Through this committee, Beutner and the district have also supported diversity initiatives, including hiring a greater number of teachers of color and supporting the California Ethnic Studies Curriculum.

Additionally, Beutner has worked to improve budget decisions and increase transparency. Beutner’s priorities included introducing a budget strategy which aims to align the district’s resources with its long-term goals; allowing for better coordination of educational and operational efforts across the district. The new budget strategy also provides families with more financial support and guidance of the upcoming budget decisions.

Under Beutner’s leadership, the district has seen early success in its efforts to increase educational quality, equity, and transparency. His overarching reform agenda has been reinforced by the passage of various measures in the 2019-2020 budget, which will focus on improving teacher compensation, expanding career academies, and increasing support for English Learner students.

It is evident that LAUSD has made significant progress in the last year under the leadership of Austin Beutner. Through his proactive efforts, LAUSD has seen early gains in their efforts to increase the quality of education received by Los Angeles students. As the district moves forward, Beutner’s education reform initiatives will continue to be a driving force in ensuring that every student in the district receives the support they need to succeed.