What Is Whizzinator?

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ALS Whizzinator - The Golden Shower Vial that contains dehydrated synthetic urine for your dirty endeavors.

The kit includes a prosthetic penis, fake urine, heat packs, and a temperature indicator. You just have to mix the fake urine with water and syringe it into the cylinder until the level reads body temperature.

Whizzinator is a goofy device that consists of a glorified dildo outfitted with an external bladder that users fill with clean urine. ALS Products, the current owner of the whizzinator amazon brand, states on their website that the devices are not to be used for purposes and only for adult novelty and prank gifts. They also make a female version of the device without a fake penis shaft, Gold’n Shower synthetic urine, heating packs, and instructions. While using the Whizzinator is not illegal. The parent company that made it closed in 2008 after the co-owners pleaded guilty to selling drug paraphernalia and defrauding the government. However, several versions of the device have resurfaced since then, now often marketed as toys. Some even come with a female version.

The Whizzinator is a device to deliver synthetic urine drug tests. It is also used as a toy, and its life-like resemblance to male genitalia makes it difficult to be caught in the act. It comes in a kit, complete with dried urine and syringe, heater packs (to keep the urine at body temperature), and a false penis available in several skin tones including white, tan, latino, brown, and black. It is manufactured by Puck Technology, now known as Alternative Lifestyle Systems.

Whizzinator is a synthetic urine kit that includes a fake penis and a pouch to carry the fake urine. This device is designed to look realistic so that when you give the lab specialist your sample, it looks like a real pee. If you use this product to beat a government-authorized drug test, such as one for a truck driving job that is regulated by the Department of Transportation, you could be charged with defrauding the United States federal government. While this has not happened to anyone yet, it does have the potential to happen. Whizzinator is now labeled as an adult novelty device, not as a tool to beat drug tests. While it may work, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid detection. If the online users make use of this website online, they can get information about WHIZZINATOR.

Whizzinator is a reusable electronic device that holds and heats urine samples to body temperature. It comes in five different skin tone variants – white, tan, brown, black, and Latino. You can use it time and time again as long as you clean it after each use. The device is a favorite among people who want to beat a drug test. It has a propensity for fooling lab technicians and resembles human urine in many ways, including smell, color, and specific gravity. The Whizzinator is available online for $140 and includes a strap-on prosthetic, one vial of Gold’n Shower dehydrated synthetic urine (that has the same pH, smell, and SG as real urine), two eight hour heat pads, a syringe, temperature indicator, and detailed instructions.


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