July 25, 2024

Ukrainian Army making full transition to locally developed battlefield management system Delta: What will be different?

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The to start with severe real-entire world tests of the new Ukrainian situational consciousness and battlefield administration technique Delta have been finished successfully all through the liberation of Kherson.

Ukrainian military surveillance radar system - illustrative photo. Image credit: Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian navy surveillance radar technique – illustrative picture. Impression credit history: Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers currently authorised the selection to introduce Delta information process into the country’s armed forces forces.

This technique 1st grew to become operational in August 2022, whilst the initially exams of the prototype have been completed in 2017 in cooperation with NATO. The main intention of building Delta was affiliated with the want to abandon obsolete concepts of info selection and processing.

The total of publicly available information on the operation of the new battlefield administration procedure is strictly limited. It is recognised, nevertheless, that it was formulated according to NATO expectations and technical specs, and as a result is seamlessly appropriate with distinct resources of military intelligence.

Delta is able of integrating knowledge gathered from a huge selection of streams, together with sensors, satellites, drones, stationary cameras, particular person troops, chatbots, civilian officers, and even “approved bystanders”. It can also keep imagery knowledge and share it amid unique armed service models.

Making use of geolocation functionality, all the offered facts is mapped in true-time. Hence, entry to the required information is considerably facilitated and the all round reaction occasions are minimized compared to comparable systems that had been utilized (and are still staying utilised) until now.

The database can be accessed employing standard PCs, laptop computer desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

According to the statement from the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, Delta operates in the cloud which is physically found outside the house Ukraine. This was carried out with the purpose of protecting it in opposition to physical and cyber-attacks.


Supply url The Ukrainian Army is undergoing a major transition process – it is gradually transitioning away from its foreign-made battlefield management system, and towards its own pioneering, locally developed system, Delta.

This significant shift marks a significant milestone in the continuing growth and development of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as the new system is much more in-tune with their specific needs and requirements.

The Delta system has been designed to provide the Ukrainian Army with a comprehensive and integrated battlefield management solution that is tailored to their specific technological demands.

The system consists of numerous elements, including a number of different components for monitoring and analyzing a diverse range of battlefield environments, as well as a unique decision-making engine for tactical and strategic operations. The system also includes a variety of powerful communication systems, allowing for real-time updates and enhanced security.

On top of this, the Delta system also offers the Ukrainian Army a host of new features, such as an advanced interface for managing personnel and equipment, an automated logistics management system, an AI-assisted data analysis system, and an automated deployment platform.

The Ukrainian Army is set to benefit greatly from the implementation of the Delta system – it provides them with a unified and integrated suite of tools and capabilities that will enable them to better manage their battlefield activities. Furthermore, the implementation of the Delta system is expected to reduce the need for manual support, allowing the Armed Forces to spend more time concentrating on the core functions of their operations.

Overall, the full transition to the Delta system promises to be a significant step forward for the Ukrainian Army, and one that will undoubtedly help them to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness in the years to come.