June 20, 2024

Ukraine will receive over a hundred German reconnaissance drones Vector

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Apparently, German armed service intelligence drones Vector left a good impact on the Ukrainian Army – that is why they have not too long ago positioned a new order for extra 105 models of these UAVs. The to start with order of 33 units was finished in August 2022.

The Vector drone. Image credit: Quantum-Systems

The Vector drone. Impression credit: Quantum-Systems

AI-enabled Vector reconnaissance drones are created by the German company Quantum-Devices GmbH. The corporation reps already confirmed in a push launch that the overall batch will be delivered to Ukraine. The acquire of these machines will be funded by the German governing administration.

“Quantum-Methods GmbH will deliver 105 added prolonged-stamina reconnaissance drones form Vector™ in armed service help of Ukraine’s armed forces, funded by the German Authorities,” the business mentioned in the announcement.

In addition, Quantum-Devices also introduced it will be opening the teaching and assistance facility in Ukraine in order to deliver the needed schooling for the potential operators of their UAV devices. This will also tremendously simplify the procedures of logistics and technical maintenance.

Vector drones a short while ago obtained a software program update allowing them to run in scenarios where they do not have entry to the worldwide navigation satellite technique (GNSS), which contains GPS and Galileo satellite networks.

Vector UAV takes advantage of a fastened-wing structure and is capable of electrically-assisted vertical acquire off and landing (eVTOL). In get to launch it, no added machines is necessary.

The drone weighs 7.4 kg (16.3 lbs), has a wingspan of 2.8 meters, and reaches the flight pace of up to 72 km/h (45 mph). It is resistant to winds with speeds of up to 12 m/s. The most flight time is 120 minutes (relying on the carried payload). Vector can accomplish highest flight ranges of up to 15 km (9.3 miles), with the possibility to enhance control assortment up to 25 km (15.5 miles). The length at which these UAVs can be operated evidently is constrained by the abilities of the radio connection.

Vector also has night eyesight tools, makes use of encrypted facts one-way links, and its software also takes advantage of AI-dependent algorithms for automated item detection, identification, and tracking.


Supply connection Ukraine is making significant strides towards further bolstering their defense which has been a major concern since civil unrest began in the country in 2014. As of the 27th of October, 2020, Ukraine will be receiving over a hundred German reconnaissance drones Vector.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has stepped up the country’s air force by requesting this delivery from Germany. It is reported that the Vector drones are light and robust, making them perfect for reconnaissance missions. The contract for the Vector drones was proposed by the Ukrainian side and is being produced by the German company LutzGrone.

These reconnaissance drones are geared towards further modernizing Ukraine’s defense strategy. They will provide the Ukrainian military with a critical capability as the soldiers can get crucial information and data on the area they are surveying.

The delivery of the reconnaissance drones is a proactive step towards protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and sovereignty against any possible unlawful actions by neighboring countries. Already, some autonomous submarines that pose a threat to the safety of the Black Sea have been detected by Vector.

The Vector drones will also enable Ukraine to have a better control and command system, as they will enable the military to observe and conduct operations on enemy territory without endangering personnel. This is a major advancement in relation to the current Russian-backed separatist threats in eastern Ukraine, as the drones could be used to identify the locations and movements of separatist forces.

As Ukraine continues to be a key component to the security of Eastern European countries, the delivery of the reconnaissance drones from Germany to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is crucial to assisting the country in keeping their border secure from any potential adversaries.