June 20, 2024

Timespro Collaborates With IFAN Jobizo To Upskill Nurses

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The collaboration will help nurses from India to pursue their career in United Kingdom

TimesPro has collaborated with IFAN World wide and Jobizo to offer talent sets and placements to nurses in United Kingdom across the Nationwide Health and fitness Assistance (NHS) Hospitals to utilise them on a world phase. 

The nurses will be skilled with the Certificate in Occupational English for Nurses for prospects in the United Kingdom and placed throughout NHS Group of Hospitals. The authorities-run NHS hospitals will deliver the platform for Indian nurses to pivot their careers although experiencing an enterprising work lifestyle. Nurses can expect a commencing wage of £23,949 p.a. (Rs 23,85,650 around on Rupee conversion).  

The 4-month programme in Certification in Occupational English for Nurses will equip nurses with a seamless transition and blend with the doing work ecosystem in the United Kingdom.


Supply website link Timespro, India’s leading professional education institute, is partnering with IFAN Jobizo, an online platform that provides career-development opportunities to healthcare workers, with the joint goal of providing ongoing training and upskilling of nurses across the country.

The collaboration between Timespro and IFAN Jobizo is expected to benefit over one million nurses in India by providing them with continual access to high-quality training and development. The initiative will focus on equipping nurses with the requisite skills and knowledge to prepare them for the changing demands of the healthcare industry.

Nurses in India often lack the necessary resources and support to obtain additional training and stay up-to-date with changes in the industry. Many times, nurses are forced to work long hours for minimal pay, leaving them with little time for advancement and personal development.

The aim of the collaboration between Timespro and IFAN Jobizo is to bridge this gap by providing nurses with affordable and convenient access to quality education. Through this partnership, nurses can earn certificates in specialized areas of health care, as well as build their professional skills and knowledge.

In addition to the enhanced training opportunities for nurses, this partnership also has the potential to nurture the professional development of industry experts through the introduction of specialized training courses for them.

By collaborating with IFAN Jobizo, Timespro aims to be at the forefront of the latest developments in healthcare education. Through the use of innovative technology, they are committed to providing nurses with the skills they need to thrive in the industry, while simultaneously providing them with the support they need to progress in their careers.

Overall, this unique collaboration between Timespro and IFAN Jobizo is sure to benefit nurses in India by providing them with valuable opportunities to upskill and hone their skills. This will not only benefit nurses but also the entire healthcare industry by ensuring that the best and most qualified professionals are equipped to meet the increasing demands of the healthcare sector.