June 16, 2024

TikTok targets Google in a devastating way (and you may love it)

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It can be not uncomplicated staying Google.

There you were being, lauding it in excess of everybody, bathing in unimaginably big promotion revenues, and basically telling individuals you do no evil.

But then arrived inner discontent, governmental lawsuits, ChatGPT, and a normal notion that the firm has turned a little unfortunate.

You should will not get worried, Google, I am going to make it a minimal even worse for you. 

more Technically Incorrect

Or, fairly, TikTok is.

The considerably controversial dance enjoyment system has quickly resolved it just isn’t just a controversial dance amusement system.

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It is, remember to picture, a look for motor.

How do I know this? Since TikTok not long ago introduced a marketing campaign showing genuine human beings making use of TikTok as an alternative of anything at all established by Google. Certainly, to search for matters.

It’s all carried out really only. A dad is assisting his daughter go into her new apartment. He’s battling. The position is just not in perfect ailment.

So how may fast improvement be effected? No, not by Googling or YouTubing, but by TikToking.

Dad and daughter enjoy TikTok video clips on how to thoroughly clean a carpet, how to dangle a frame, how to refresh a bookshelf, and even how to cook dinner supper.

Sure, the TikTok you assumed you understood is just not that TikTok at all. It really is a substantially much more helpful TikTok with not just dance measures, but also action-by-methods.

In case you are not crystal clear that this is a direct assault on Google’s hegemony — both monetary and psychological — the advert presents as a summation: “Lookup it, study it, do it.”

You can find yet another telling contact.

If, for the briefest second, you imagined only the little ones do this TikTok point, the advertisement dispels it with a sly snort. It truly is the father who has the application on his mobile phone. It’s the dad for whom looking by way of TikTok is the most all-natural detail in the planet.

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It is really all alternatively troubling for Google.

But let us discuss geopolitics for a second.

Some are involved about TikTok’s Chinese possession, its genuine motivations, and what occurs to the facts hoovered up by the enterprise. The US govt just isn’t as well satisfied with Google possibly.

It truly is tough to know whom to have faith in at the very best of periods.

But now, even when you want to freshen up your carpet, whom do you transform to? Not your subsequent doorway neighbor, definitely.


Supply backlink TikTok, the popular video-sharing app, has recently taken a stand against Google, Facebook and other corporations taking advantage of people’s data. In a recent announcement, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer revealed a bold new initiative where the company will not just be protecting its user’s data but also challenging the giants that use our data for their own gain.

The move clashes with the protocols of giant tech-based companies such as Google and Facebook that fund themselves by collecting and selling our data. As Mayer put it, “we will guard our users’ privacy with extreme vigilance”. This means that these companies can no longer mine our data and use it for their own gain.

Mayer’s announcement also revealed that going further, TikTok would challenge Google on its unfair and unbalanced advertising policies. Mayer said that the company “will now set out to expose companies that seek to distort the marketplace by using unfair practices and dubious means to gain advantage”. He further reinforced the fact that by doing so, TikTok will be able to better “protect and promote open and free markets” that benefit their users.

This tectonic move is the latest in a series of steps taken by the company that ensure the app remains both safe and enjoyable for users. It displays a fierce commitment to innovation and a well-articulated company objective of fairness and justice.

For those of us concerned about how our data is used, this is a godsend. It also sends a strong message to other companies in the space to watch their step or else face the consequences. The decision by TikTok highlights the growing need for fairer, more transparent governance of data practices amongst technology firms and corporations.