April 19, 2024

Tiger’s hybrid cloud storage targets medical imaging

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Bulgarian startup Tiger, which specialises in sharing cloud files by using Home windows as if saved regionally, aims to established a new generate for expansion in movement by targeting healthcare imaging.

“We approached health care scanner manufacturers, which include Philips, about applying a module in their solutions that talks to our API,” reported Alexander Lefterov, CEO of Tiger Engineering.

“And with that, these suppliers have been equipped to provide a cloud dimension to their consumers,” he explained. “In other words and phrases, medical professionals that use these scanners in their hospitals can share imagery with professionals anywhere in the environment.

“Another advantage is that these photos comprise hundreds of thousands of pixels and have to have to be retained for numerous several years, every single getting up 2GB of storage. But in backing them up to the cloud in a price-helpful archiving support, you avoid investment decision in high priced nearby storage.”

In point, Tiger at this time invoices for cloud storage alone at €5 a thirty day period for every TB.

Tiger Know-how gives software program-outlined merchandise that centre on file system-similar operation. It provides Tiger Store, which levels a one file system across many storage and clients Tiger Bridge, for hybrid cloud and cloud workloads Tiger Pool, to merge various storage volumes into one pool and a amount of sector-certain alternatives this sort of as for media and entertainment, surveillance, and little and medium-sized enterprises.

Tiger Bridge provides file icons in Home windows as if they had been stored locally. In simple fact, the icons are symbolic ideas to paperwork hosted in the cloud. The essential advantage is that the files really don’t consume area disk house but they can be discovered and accessed simply.

By contrast, the likes of Box and DropBox synchronise community documents with copies resident in the cloud, and so do not help you save place on the user’s neighborhood device. In the meantime, Google Generate and Microsoft OneDrive never continue to keep nearly anything locally and require use of a world-wide-web interface to obtain or download data files. These steps deliver an overhead for the person and really don’t let for immediate use of paperwork with nearby apps.

Tiger Bridge makes the on-line document right useable by Windows and its programs. The exciting specialized position is that it can control a variety of dynamic cache to present speedy entry to the contents of a file. When a document is produced then shut, Tiger Bridge moves file elements to the cloud in the track record.

When the document is reopened, Tiger Bridge recovers it in little chunks. In the circumstance of video clip, it does not obtain the entire motion picture ahead of opening it but only the components the consumer sees, and that accelerates availability to the screen. For extremely large healthcare picture scans, it only downloads displayable pixels then all those important to effect a zoom.

Founded in 2005, Tiger statements 10,000 users these days globally. Soon after owning productively bought its solution to many organisations in Bulgaria, including the army, and in its navy’s submarines, the enterprise realized global achievements with online video output studios. Its ambition is to turn into a professional in quick obtain distant storage in a massive number of vertical sectors.

“Vertical sectors are by definition pretty specialised and knowledge the most difficulty migrating to the cloud – even though they recognise on the web storage can convey savings,” said Lefterov. “We want to bring down the obstacles in their way, namely the loss of speed and simplicity of entry to their data.”

But Tiger’s remedy has 1 restrict: it only is effective with Home windows. “We have mastered this technologies, upon which our item is pretty productive,” he reported. “But we are routinely questioned about deployments on Linux and MacOS. We’re doing work on it.”


Supply hyperlink Tiger Technologies Corporation, a leading cloud storage services provider, has announced the launch of its hybrid cloud storage solution targeting medical imaging. The company’s latest product offering is designed to help improve medical imaging performance and data security.

Medical imaging is an area of healthcare where data storage and protection are of the utmost importance. With more and more healthcare providers utilizing medical imaging technology, the amount of data generated and stored is increasing significantly. Tiger Technologies’ hybrid cloud storage solution is designed to address this challenge by combining the scalability and cost advantages of public cloud storage with the enhanced data security provided by private cloud storage.

The hybrid cloud storage solution provides a private cloud environment with a secure database and software environment. This allows for the storage and processing of large amounts of data securely. It also provides for scalability, so that as more data is generated, the cloud storage can be easily and quickly scaled up. In addition, it ensures robust security with data encryption, multi-factor authentication and other features to protect sensitive data.

The solution is designed to meet technical and regulatory requirements from both healthcare providers and vendors. This ensures the security and privacy of patient data while allowing medical imaging centers to store, process, and share medical images securely and effectively. Tiger Technologies also provides 24/7 technical support to ensure continuity of services.

Tiger Technologies Corporation is focused on providing innovative cloud-based solutions to address the needs of the healthcare industry. With the launch of its hybrid cloud storage solution, the company is well-positioned to deliver cost-effective, secure medical imaging solutions to healthcare providers.