May 25, 2024

Therapy dog makes math practice a game

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Pupils with disabilities at Essential Center School in Virginia perform on their math capabilities with assist from assistance pet dog Micah.  –More– 


Supply url Everybody knows that Math is not the most beloved subject at school. But a therapy dog at Brookwood Elementary in Corona, California, is making it a little more fun.

Maddie, a Bernedoodle, first came to the school when her owner, teacher Joni Kennedy decided to bring her in to work with the students. She was an instant hit in the classroom, and together with Kennedy, they are teaching the fourth graders math in a unique way.

Maddie became the school mascot and goes up to each pupil and allows them to practice subtraction by counting off tricks as a reward. The students love it, noting that math and playtime can now go hand-in-hand.

Kennedy explains that the students are more open to learning Math, because it’s not viewed as a chore. As the kids work with the pup, Maddie pays them attention and rewards them for their successes. This, in itself, provides the children with a sense of pride and accomplishment which has even lead to emotional benefits beyond the classroom.

The ambiance created in the classroom, with Maddie and the students, also has a positive effect on their Math scores, as the students are able to focus better and absorb the material.

Kennedy is proud of Maddie and the influence she has on the students. She is no longer just a beloved part of their classroom but is an essential part of their learning. Maddie the dog is an amazing teacher, truly connecting with these children and helping them have fun while practicing Math. Fun fact: Maddie is a furry math whiz!