May 24, 2024

The 5 Types of Cheaters and Why They Choose Infidelity

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Can you Place a Cheater? Apparently, there are 5 kinds of cheaters and very specific good reasons why they stray. But first, let us dig into a recent movie star cheating scandal.

A match manufactured in Victoria’s Solution heaven?

It seemed like Behati tamed the rockstar Adam Levine, who experienced once joked “I’ll hardly ever get married” for the duration of an interview on The Tonight Clearly show. 

On the outside the house, it appeared like a picture-ideal marriage. They had 3 kids, Adam would gush about his enjoy for her: “She makes me the best individual I can be.”

Who would have guessed years later the Maroon5 star would be caught in a dishonest scandal amuck with cringey leaked textual content messages? According to the 5 categories of cheaters in the book CheatingLand, Adam Levine is textbook “Peacock”. 

The creator (who held his id anonymous to defend the people he interviewed), interviewed above 60 married people who cheated on their companions. He located that adulterers fall underneath 5 distinctive teams.

1. Useless BEDROOMERS:

Useless Bedroomers make up the greatest group of cheaters: married men and women who really feel that their enjoy everyday living has appear to a halt. They feel lonely, unfulfilled, and disconnected from their lover. They prolonged to return to the marriage that was when full of spark and passion. 

They are likely to have a single outside the house associate that can help them satisfy their craving from a split from the schedule and normalcy of their marriage. While they are remorseful of their escapades, to them, dishonest is an response to a dilemma. As extended as they really do not get caught, it avoids confrontation and conflict. It means using their sexual aggravation and motivation for novelty and stimulation – into their individual palms.


The unhappy wounded Lifeless Bedroomer contrasts drastically with the strutting, swaggering, suave Peacock. The second most significant group of cheaters, peacocks are gluttonous – they want validation above and over again that they are pretty, seductive, and special. 

To Peacocks, dishonest feeds them strength and boosts their ego – dishonest reaffirms their ability and sexual prowess. The adrenaline rush of sneaking all around, and the threat of receiving caught are all a portion of the remarkable charge that would make Peacocks come to feel alive. In an unconscious way, staying the centre of the drama is all a aspect of the exhilaration. 

They are likely to have a higher viewpoint of themselves but are also deeply insecure. They require validation from many others consistently. They like to feel highly effective and the challenge of a hunt. When deciding upon who to cheat with, they want another person who’s a obstacle – an individual who’s as well ‘easy’ doesn’t have the same edge.


Out of all the kinds of cheaters interviewed in the book, Completers talked about how considerably they liked their partners the most. But even with their appreciate, they feel they need a 2nd partnership to feel fulfilled and full. They are hunting for a yin to their partner’s yang.

They have feelings and demands that are as well rigorous for a single partner to fill, so they seek out a second romance to feel total. 

Ordinarily, completers pick out fans who have the opposite temperament to their present husband or wife. They do not see their affair spouse as a fling. Rather, they develop a solid bond to set the basis of their partnership.


Revenge dishonest is centered on the quintessential strategy of poetic justice. Give them a flavor of their personal medicine, they assume.

They’re scorned, enthusiastic by anger and resentment and vengeance is their concept of medicine. They cheat as a response to getting cheated on. But occasionally they are getting revenge for some other romance criminal offense. To punish their companion, infidelity is weaponized. Occasionally they come to feel it is the only way they can damage their spouse, and in a perception, gives them a sense of handle.  

Revenge seekers are normally deep in pain, driven by rage and a want for payback. 

5. Psychological CONNECTORS

We are likely to consider of dishonest mainly in phrases of sexual encounters involving bodily intimacy. BUT psychological affairs are just as harming as bodily types. Emotional connectors have friendships that are sexually charged and really intimate. What may have begun off as friendship crosses the line into some thing a lot more.

Though they’re not getting sexual intercourse, they’re partaking in other aspects of a intimate romantic relationship. They’re sharing secrets and techniques, telling their affair partner points they wouldn’t explain to their wife or husband, they’re preserving the real depth of the partnership hidden – because deep down, they know they are crossing a line. 

Emotional affairs frequently come about without the need of the two individuals noticing it. But soon after a person seemingly innocent line is crossed, then an additional, and they uncover themselves entangled with their coworker, buddy, neighbor…

DO ALL Adult males CHEAT? DO ALL Girls CHEAT?

The specific quantity is hard to know, but some huge surveys report that about 20-25% of males have cheated on their spouses, and 15-20% of gals have cheated on their spouses. In accordance to some much more the latest experiments, the selection of females dishonest is expanding if you include things like psychological affairs.

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Supply url Everyone knows that cheating is wrong, but not everyone understands why someone chooses to go outside their relationship. Cheaters are motivated by a variety of reasons, and knowing the common types of cheaters can help us to better understand infidelity and the motivations behind it.

The first type of cheater is the ‘opportunist.’ This cheater is someone who opportunistically seeks out an affair as they feel they are missing out when they are in a relationship. Often this type of affair is a brief fling which doesn’t last, but it can have long-term consequences.

The second type of cheater is the ’rebel’. The rebel generally has a need to feel in control and acts out by behaving badly, such as having an affair. It can be seen as a way of striking back at their partner for perceived wrongs, real or imagined.

Thirdly, the ‘fantasy’ cheater. This type is typically motivated by a need to escape from the mundanity of everyday life. The lure of something new and exciting can lead them to seek this out without thinking about the consequences.

Fourthly, is the ‘compulsive’ cheater. This kind of cheater often has trouble connecting with other people and feels a deep need to feel loved. Instead of looking for real connection with another, they use an affair to fulfil the need.

Finally, we have the ‘narcissist’ cheater. Someone who often uses an affair to feed their ego and make themselves feel superior. This can often lead to multiple affairs, as that feeling of conquest fades over time.

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why people choose to cheat on their partners. Knowing the types of cheaters can provide us with a better understanding of why people choose infidelity and how to prevent it. It can also be a useful tool for recognizing the signs of cheating in our own relationships.