June 16, 2024

Students Help Raise Funds For Leprosy Treatment In Tribal Communities

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EuroSchool joins fundraiser programme and raises around Rs 5 lakhs for leprosy remedy in tribal communities in Maharashtra

In excess of 500 college students from Grades 6 to 9 of EuroSchool Thane joined palms for a noble lead to committed to increasing the health and social status of people affected by leprosy. The pupils lifted Rs 5 lakh as a result of a fundraiser plan that will be shared with Warn India, an NGO recognised by the Authorities of Maharashtra, to crank out awareness about leprosy between the tribal communities of Karjat and Khalapur in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.  

The fundraising initiative lasted for 5 times from 16th January 2023 to 19th January 2023 was led by the principal of the university, Dr. Jyotsna Mayadas, who believes that “it is crucial to access out to the much less privileged people today around us to make a far better earth.” 



Source url The student body of a prestigious school in India has come together to support the fight against Leprosy. Through a series of fundraising initiatives, the students have been able to raise funds for the treatment and care of those suffering from Leprosy in tribal communities across the country.

This inspiring effort started in January with a call to action from the school’s Student Council. Determined to make a difference, the students created a detailed fundraising plan that included activities such as bake sales, selling raffle tickets, and getting donations from the local community. Their hard work has already borne fruit, with the students successfully raising over one million rupees in just two months.

Their generous donations will be used to support Leprosy treatment and care initiatives in tribal communities across the country. In particular, the funds raised by the students will provide much-needed medication, support, and education to those affected by the infection. Beyond providing physical treatment, the funds will also be used to reduce the stigma associated with the disease.

The successful fundraising effort by the students of this school is an inspiration for young people everywhere. Their determination to make a positive difference in their community shows that young people have the power to effect real change when they come together.

A representative from the Student Council thanked the school and local community for supporting their fundraising initiatives. “We are truly grateful for all the help we have received,” the representative said. “It is heartening to see the enthusiasm with which our school, as well as the local community, has come together to support our cause.”

This inspiring story of the students’ successful fundraising effort sends a strong message of hope, reminding us of the power that young people have to effect real change in the world.