June 20, 2024

Spreading Happiness Indiya Foundation Facilitating Digital Education To Rural Students

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The basis has arrive up with a thought of photo voltaic-powered ‘Digi Green’ classrooms that use technologies to perform digital training for learners

Spreading Contentment InDiya Basis (SHIF), a non-profit collaboration concerning cricketing icon Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Schneider Electrical India is on a mission to supply access to electronic education in a lot more than 150 rural Indian educational facilities by 2025 below the SMITA Programme. Through this affiliation, they goal to introduce the concept of Digi Green whereby they will offer access to digital education and learning infrastructure powered by solar electricity and make awareness amid the youngsters of the nation about the conservation of electricity and the setting.

The foundation has appear up with a principle of photo voltaic-driven ‘Digi Green’ lecture rooms that use systems to perform virtual instruction for pupils. By means of this combination of solar electricity and technological know-how, the ‘Digi Green’ classrooms are eco-forward and support help save money for schools in terms of managing expenses, while also giving virtual instruction modes to optimise discovering results. Given that these classrooms are operate absolutely on photo voltaic electricity, it has a ‘net-zero’ carbon footprint, further enabling the faculties to earn carbon credits. 


Source hyperlink Spreading Happiness Indiya Foundation has recently announced plans to facilitate digital education to rural students. The goal of this initiative is to give students access to modern technology and equip them with the skills they need to succeed in the tech-driven world.

The foundation has partnered with local stakeholders to create a digital system to provide equal educational access to students living in remote and rural areas. The system is powered by satellite technology, which allows students to access educational material and resources from any location, allowing them to study and prepare for exams even in places where Internet access is not available.

Students will be able to access digital libraries and other educational material, such as guidance and reference material, lectures and tutorials. In addition, the foundation is also providing training for teachers on how to use the system effectively and integrate it into their teaching methods.

The initiative has been made possible through the generous donations from individuals and corporations, and provides much-needed educational opportunities to rural students who would otherwise not have access to these resources and materials.

The foundation has also set up a helpline, where students can call and get assistance in case of any difficulties they face while using the system.

This initiative by Spreading Happiness Indiya Foundation is providing much needed access and opportunities to rural students who would otherwise be unable to get the same level of education. The foundation aims to ensure that no student is left behind in terms of educational development, by providing them with the same access and resources as students in urban areas.