May 24, 2024

Sharda University Conducts Webinar On Cryptocurrency

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The aim of the programme was to educate about the latest developments in block chain, e-revenue, CBDC, tokenisation, NFT and crypto-asset support companies

Centre for Cyber Stability and Cryptology (CCSC), Sharda University in affiliation with Future Criminal offense Investigate Basis (FCRF) conducted a webinar on ‘Cryptocurrency World: Crimes, Crooks & Cops’. In which extra 650 members participated for this webinar from various disciplines this sort of as Indian Law enforcement, Corporates, academics and law enforcement companies. The goal of the programme was to educate about the most recent developments in block chain, e-money, CBDC, tokenisation, NFT, crypto-asset support vendors (CASPs), crypto-investment decision frauds and the regulatory and legislative landscape.

The webinar started off with Shashank Shekhar from FCRF briefing about their respective organisations and the analysis do the job carried out at these centres. Dr Nihar Ranjan Roy, CCSC, Sharda College, for the duration of his speak outlined the myths related to cryptocurrency and briefly discussed the technology and how blockchain is effective.


Source backlink Sharda University, one of India’s top universities, recently held a webinar on cryptocurrency, drawing experts from the field to discuss the current state of the technology and its future prospects.

Held on Friday, 27 November 2020, the webinar was moderated by Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Brij Kishore Mishra. The webinar featured two speakers – Prof. Ashish Chauhan, a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, and Anshul Agarwal, CEO and founder of Coinsecure, an Indian crypto exchange platform.

The session started with an introduction to the ‘Cryptocurrency and Blockchain’ field by Prof. Chauhan, who highlighted the differences between the two topics and shared his expertise on the subject. The professor went on to explain the transaction process involved in using cryptocurrencies, the security protocols, and the basics of the digital currency world.

The second speaker of the day, Mr. Agarwal, spoke about the history and current state of the world’s cryptocurrency markets and shared his views on the future applications of the technology. He discussed the regulations governing cryptocurrency in India and answered questions from the audience, providing a valuable insight into the subject.

The webinar concluded with a discussion on the potential of blockchain technology and its real-world applications in areas such as politics, banking, and healthcare. Prof. Mishra thanked all the panelists for their contributions and concluded the session by encouraging the audience to learn more and become knowledgeable on the topic.

The webinar proved to be an interesting and engaging event that offered a great learning experience to the participants. It generated considerable enthusiasm among the students, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the topic and an opportunity to network with the discussants.

Through such events and initiatives, Sharda University is making its mark as an institution that encourages the exploration of new and cutting-edge technologies.